2008 Fusion, Milan, MKZ, Engine Lubrication Components Exploded View


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Oil Filter Element, Oil Filter Adapter and Oil Pressure Sender Transmission Bolts for Oil Pan Removal
NOTE: Automatic transmission shown, manual transmission similar. Oil Pan, Oil Pump Screen and Pickup Tube 5
6652 Oil pump sprocket Oil pump drive chain tensioner shoulder bolt W703647 Oil pump bolt (4 Oil pump drive chain 7
6600 Oil tensioner Oil pump drive chain 1. For additional information, refer to the Oil pump sprocket bolt procedures in this section.

1987 Ford Mustang GT ENGINE OVERHAUL


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REMOVAL & INSTALLATION ENGINE 1. Mark hinges for reinstallation and remove hood. Drain crankcase and cooling system. Disconnect battery and alternator ground cables from engine. Remove air cleaner and intake duct assembly. 2. Disconnect upper and lower radiator hoses. Disconnect transmission oil cooler lines from radiator. Remove bolts attaching fan shroud to radiator. Remove radiator. 3. Remove fan, spacer, belt, pulley and shroud. Remove alternator bolts and position alternator aside. Disconnect oil pressure sending unit wire from sending unit. 4. Disconnect flexible fuel line at fuel tank line. On CFI equipped vehicles, relieve pressure in fuel lines before disconnecting. Plug fuel tank line. Disconnect accelerator cable from carburetor. Disconnect speed control cable (if equipped). 5. Disconnect throttle valve vacuum line from intake manifold (if equipped). Disconnect transmission tube bracket from engine block. On vehicles equipped with A/C, remove A/C compressor and set aside. 6. If power steering equipped, disconnect power steering pump bracket from cylinder head. Remove drive belt. Position pump aside. If power brake equipped, disconnect brake vacuum line from intake manifold.

1998 Ford Expedition TIMING CHAINS Removal


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1998-99 ENGINES 4.6L V8 – VIN W & 6 1. Remove valve covers. See VALVE COVERS . Remove front cover. See FRONT COVER . Remove crankshaft position sensor pulse wheel from crankshaft. CAUTION: DO NOT rotate engine with timing chain removed. Damage to valve/piston may result. 2. Rotate crankshaft until No. 1 piston is at TDC. This positions crankshaft keyway 45 degrees from vertical position. See Fig. 13 . Camshaft keyways will point toward crankshaft. CAUTION: Mark component location for reassembly reference. Components must be installed in original locations. 3. Install Camshaft Positioner (T96T-6256-AR) on flat area near rear of camshaft. See Fig. 10 . Remove retaining bolts, right chain tensioner, right tensioner arm and right chain guide. See Fig. 14 .
4. Remove right timing chain and crankshaft sprocket. Note direction of sprocket for installation reference.
If necessary for clearance, remove retaining bolt, washer, camshaft sprocket and spacer.

1997 Aerostar/ Ranger Wheel Grease Seal and Bearing, Front Replacement and Repacking


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Automatic Locking Hub, Exploded View, Ranger Wheel Hub Grease Seal 2 4222 Wheel Bearing Cup 3 1102 Rotor 4 1197 Inner Locknut 5
3B549 Washer 6 3B548 Axle Shaft Spacer 7 3B396 Hub 8 1A107 Retainer Washer 3B457 Snap 10 1197 Outer Locknut 11 4221
Wheel Bearing Outer 12 4221 Wheel Bearing 13 1175A Excluder 14 3105 Front Wheel Spindle

2006 Ford Pickup F350 Super Duty INTAKE MANIFOLD


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Exploded View Of Intake Manifold Components Removal
All vehicles 1. Remove the auxiliary battery. For additional information, refer to BATTERY, MOUNTING AND
CABLES . 2. Remove the cooling fan stator. For additional information, refer to ENGINE COOLING . 3. Remove the degas bottle. For additional information, refer to ENGINE COOLING . 4. Disconnect the upper radiator hose.