2006 Fusion/ Milan/ Zephyr Workshop Manual Engine — Automatic Transaxle


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Remove the exhaust flexible pipe. For additional information, refer to Section 309-00. 12. Remove the LH halfshaft and the intermediate shaft. For additional information, refer to Section 205-04. 13. NOTICE: The steering gear-to-dash seal must be removed or it will be damaged when lowering the subframe. Release the 4 clips and slide the steering gear-to-dash seal off of the steering gear and into the passenger compartment. Remove the 6 pin-type retainers (4 shown) and the LH splash shield.
19. NOTE: LH shown, RH similar.
Remove the cotter pins and nuts from the tie-rod ends.

1999 F-150/250 Workshop Manual Differential Case and Ring Gear Traction


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2-Jaw Puller 205-D072 (D97L-4221-A) or equivalent Installer, Differential Carrier Bearing 205-D044 (D81T-4221-A) or equivalent
15-101 Gauge, Differential Clutch (Excluding Mandrel) 205-135 (T80P-4946- Feeler Gauge Set 303-D027 (D81L-4201-A) or equivalent
Rotator, Differential 205-378 (T97T-4205-C) Gauge, Differential (Traction Lock) 205-386 (T97T-4205-D) Disassembly
1. Remove the differential case (4204). For additional information, refer to Differential Case in this section.
2. NOTE: The differential bearings (4221) need not be removed to overhaul the Ford limited slip differential. If bearing removal is required, use the special tool 205-D072 (D97L-4221-A) and special tool 205–D019 (D80L-630–8) for differential case bearings.
NOTE: The anti-lock speed sensor ring cannot be reused once removed. Remove the differential pinion shaft lock bolt and remove the differential pinion shaft (4211). If required, remove the differential ring gear and anti-lock speed sensor ring.

Engine Fan Ford Ranger/ Explorer/ Mountaineer 1991-1999 REMOVAL&INSTALLATION


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See Figure 1 Fig. 1: Exploded view of the engine fan for the 2.3L and 2.5L engine The 2.3L and 2.5L engine does not use a fan hub nut. It is retained by four bolts which also secure the pump pulley to the water pump. 1. If not equipped with A/C, disconnect the overflow tube from the fan guard, then unbolt and remove the guard. 2. If equipped with A/C, disconnect the overflow tube from the shroud, remove the mounting screws and lift the shroud off the brackets. Place the shroud behind the fan. 3. Remove the 4 clutch/fan assembly-to-pulley screws and remove the

2006 Ford Pickup F150 Rear Seat Cushion


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Exploded View Of Rear Seat Cushion & Torque Specification Exploded View Of Rear Seat Backrest Exploded View Of Rear Seat & Torque Specification If equipped, rotate the subwoofer forward and disconnect the electrical connector.
Fig. 157: Locating Electrical Connector Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO. Rear seat cushion or backrest 3. Remove the safety belt cover.
1. Remove the fasteners cover. 2. Remove the 2 nuts. 3. Lift up and remove cover from safety belt tower.

2007 Expedition, Navigator, Expedition EL, Wiper and Washer System Exploded View


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REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Item Part Number Description Item Part Number Description 4 17508A Wiper pivot arm linkage 1
W707014-S441 Wiper pivot arm nut assembly (includes wiper 2 17526 Wiper pivot arm (LH and motor) RH) 5 — Wiper motor crank bolt
3 N807391 Wiper pivot arm linkage bolt ( (3 required)