2001 Chevy S10/T10 Blazer Distributor Replacement REMOVAL PROCEDURE


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NOTE: There are two procedures available to install the distributor. Use Installation Procedure 1 when the crankshaft has NOT been rotated from the original position. Use Installation Procedure 2 when any of the following components are removed: ^ The intake manifold ^ The cylinder head ^ The camshaft ^ The timing chain or sprockets ^ The complete engine If the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) turns on and DTC P1345 sets after installing the distributor, this indicates an incorrectly installed distributor. Engine damage or distributor damage may occur. Use Procedure 2 in order to install the distributor. 1. Turn OFF the ignition. Remove air cleaner assembly. Remove the spark plug wires from the distributor cap ^ Twist each spark plug boot 1/2 turn. ^ Pull only on the wire boot in order to remove the wire from the distributor cap. 2. Remove the electrical connector from the base of the distributor. 3. Remove the two screws that hold the distributor cap to the housing. 4. Discard the screws. 5. Remove the distributor cap from the housing. Use a grease pencil in order to note the position of the rotor in relation to the distributor housing (1). 7. Mark the distributor housing and the intake manifold with a grease pencil. 8. Remove the mounting clamp hold down bolt. 9. Remove the distributor. 10. As the distributor is being removed from the engine, watch the rotor move in a counter-clockwise direction about 42 degrees. This will appear as slightly more than 1 clock position. 11. Note the position of the rotor segment. 12. Place a second mark on the base of the distributor (2). This will aid in achieving proper rotor alignment during the distributor installation. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1

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