2005 Chrysler 300 Alarm System Transponder Description and Operation


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Each ignition key (2) used in the Sentry Key Remote Entry System (SKREES) has a transponder chip included on the circuit board (4) beneath the cover (1) of the integral Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter (3). In addition to having to be cut to match the mechanical coding of the ignition lock cylinder and programmed for operation of the RKE system, each new Sentry Key has a unique transponder identification code that is permanently programmed into it by the manufacturer, and which must be programmed into the Sentry Key REmote Entry Module (SKREEM) to be recognized by the SKREES as a valid key. The Sentry Key transponder cannot be adjusted or repaired. If faulty or damaged, the entire key and RKE transmitter unit must be replaced. When the ignition switch is turned to the On position, the Sentry Key REmote Entry Module (SKREEM) communicates through its antenna with the Sentry Key transponder using a Radio Frequency (RF) signal. The SKREEM then listens for a RF response from the transponder through the same antenna. The Sentry Key transponder chip is within the range of the SKREEM transceiver antenna ring when it is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder. The SKREEM determines whether a valid key is present in the ignition lock cylinder based upon the response from the transponder. If a valid key is detected, that fact is communicated by the SKREEM to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) over the Controller Area Network (CAN) data bus, and the PCM allows the engine to continue running. If the PCM receives an invalid key message, or receives no message from the SKREEM over the CAN data bus, the engine will be disabled after about two seconds of operation. The ElectroMechanical Instrument Cluster (EMIC) will also respond to the invalid key message on the CAN data bus by flashing the security indicator on and off.

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