1999 Ford Taurus A/C Electronic Blend Door Actuator Removal


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1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) . For additional information, refer to Section 14-01. 2. Disengage console panel from instrument panel reinforcement (04545) and remove from instrument panel (04320) . 3. Disengage console panel from RH side of center console finish panel, if equipped. Console Panel Installation 4. Remove climate control assembly-integrated control panel. For vehicles with manual A/ C, refer to the procedure in this section. For vehicles with EATC, refer to Section 12-03B. 5. For vehicles with EATC, open glove compartment (06010), press sides inward and lower glove compartment toward floor. 6. For vehicles with EATC, remove retaining screws and position remote climate control module (18C612) aside. 7. Working from under the passenger side of the instrument panel , remove A/C electronic blend door actuator electrical connector from A/C electronic blend door actuator. 8. Remove four screws retaining A/C electronic blend door actuator to the A/C evaporator housing and remove A/C electronic blend door actuator from A/C air temperature control door.

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