2003 Ford Focus removing and partially disassembling the heated seats


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1. Make sure all accessories are turned OFF. 2. Make sure the ignition switch is in the OFF position. 3. At the central junction box (CJB), located below the LH side of the instrument panel, remove the cover and the restraints control module (RCM) fuse F2.60 (7.5A) from the CJB. 4. Turn the ignition ON and visually monitor the air bag indicator for at least 30 seconds. The air bag indicator will remain lit continuously (no flashing) if the correct RCM fuse has been removed. If the air bag indicator does not remain lit continuously, remove the correct RCM fuse before proceeding. 5. Turn the ignition OFF. 6. Disconnect the battery negative cable and wait at least one (1) minute. 7. Move the seat to its full rearward position. 8. Remove the seat track outer trim cover. 9. Remove the seat assembly front retaining bolts. 10. Move the seat to its full forward position. 11. Remove the seat track outer rear trim cover. 12. Remove the seat assembly rear retaining bolts. 13. Disconnect the underseat electrical connector. See Figure 1. 14. Remove the seat from the vehicle and position it on a suitable work surface. SEAT CUSHION AND SEAT BACK DISASSEMBLY 1. CAUTION: Note the position and routing of the wiring harnesses to aid installation. An incorrectly routed wiring harness may lead to the wires becoming damaged on the seat mechanism. safety belt buckle sensor and pretensioner wiring harnesses, if equipped, from the underside of the cushion. See Figure

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