1981-1996 ISUZU Amigo/ Pick-ups/ Rodeo/ Trooper Door Panels REMOVAL & INSTALLATION


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Fig. Fig. 1: Door panel assembly-early model Pick-up shown (other early models similar) Fig. Fig. 2: Door and panel assembly-later model Pick-up shown (other late models similar) Fig. Fig. 3: Door panel assembly-1995-96 Trooper Fig. Fig. 4: On Hombre models, if equipped, remove the accessory switch mounting plate Fig. Fig. 5: Hombre door handle trim panel and retainer screw Fig. Fig. 6: Hombre door panel assembly Fig. Fig. 7: Remove the retainer screws from the bottom of the armrest-1986 Trooper shown Fig. Fig. 8: With the screws removed from the armrest, detach the armrest from the door panel Fig. Fig. 9: If equipped with an ashtray, remove the ashtray … Fig. Fig. 10: … and remove the retainer screws securing the ashtray holder assembly Fig. Fig. 11: Remove the ashtray holder from the panel and place aside Fig. Fig. 12: Remove the door handle trim panel retainer screw Fig. Fig. 13: Use a suitable window crank removal tool between the crank and door panel … Fig. Fig. 14: … to separate the crank from the window regulator stud Fig. Fig. 15: Insert the crank arm clip to the crank, and remove the washer, then place the pieces aside Fig. Fig. 16: After removing the door panel, inspect the panel clip mounting holes for any clips which may have been left behind

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