1999 Jaguar XJ8 Rear Suspension Assembly


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DESCRIPTION The XJR and XJ8 uses an independent coil spring-type rear suspension. Outer bearing carrier and hub assembly is supported by control arm at bottom, and utilizes axle shaft as upper support. Suspension is controlled by 2 coil spring/shock absorber assemblies. Fulcrum shafts are used to connect control arms to chassis and hub carrier. See Fig. 1 . Fig. 1: View Of Rear Suspension Assembly Fig. 2: Measuring Rear Suspension Height Fig. 3: Removing “A” Frame Assembly Fig. 4: Removing “A” Frame Outer Bush Fig. 6: Exploded View Of Inner Fulcrum Boss Assembly Fig. 7: Removing Support Plate Fig. 8: Removal & Installation Of Radius Arm

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