2002 Lincoln LS Heater Control Valve: Service and Repair


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REMOVAL 1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. 2. Drain the radiator. 3. Remove the auxiliary coolant pump. 4. Disconnect the connector located at the end of the coolant valve harness pigtail. 5. Disconnect the three quick-disconnect couplings from the coolant control valve hoses. NOTE: – The top heater hose has a green identifying mark to match the hose on the dual coolant flow valve. If mark is not visible, identify the hoses for location. This will aid in the correct installation of the hose assemblies. – Hose assemblies shown with components removed for clarity. 6. Raise the vehicle. 7. Remove the coolant valve assembly mounting bolt and the nut. 8. Raise the valve and disconnect the coolant supply and return lines.

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