2001 Mazda Protege ES Variable Tumble Control System (VTCS) Solenoid Valve


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VARIABLE TUMBLE CONTROL SYSTEM (VTCS) SOLENOID VALVE INSPECTION Simulation Test 1. Carry out the “VTCS Operation Inspection”. If not as specified, perform the further inspection for the VTCS solenoid valve. Airflow Inspection NOTE: Perform the following test only as directed. 1. Remove the VTCS solenoid valve. 2. Inspect for the air flow inspection each port under the following condition. If as specified, replace the VTCS solenoid valve. If as specified but the “VTCS Operation Inspection” is failed, inspect evaporative hoses for improper routing, kinks or leakage, and inspect “Circuit Open/Short Inspection”. If there is an open or short circuit, repair or replace wiring harnesses. If the above open or short circuit is okay, replace VTCS solenoid valve. Circuit Open/Short Inspection 1. Disconnect the PCM connector.2. Connect the SST (104 Pin Breakout Box) to the PCM as shown. 3. Tighten the connector attaching screw. Tightening torque 7.9 – 10.7 N.m {80 – 110 kgf.cm, 69.5 – 95.4 in.lbf}

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