2003 Mercury Sable Transaxle Removal


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Special Tool(s) Removal 1. Remove the battery. 2. Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor and the breather tubes. 3. Remove the engine air cleaner. 4. Remove the air filter assembly. 5. Remove the battery tray. 6. Disconnect the connectors. 8. Remove the power steering line bracket. 9. Remove the electrical connector bracket. 10. Disconnect the power steering and output shaft speed (OSS) sensor connectors. 11. Disconnect the turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor connector 12. Remove the manual control lever cable. 1. Remove the nut. 2. Remove the shift actuator cable fitting from the shift cable and bracket. 13. Remove the ground cable and bracket. 14. Remove the cooler line retaining clips.

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