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Peugeot 405 Wiring Diagrams Schematic Diagrams


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1. NAMING OF PARTS BB0 Battery BB1 Battery plus unit CA Ignition switch PSF Connection board – Fuse box C1300 Injection-ignition test connector V1300 Injection-ignition test warning lamp 1000 Starter inhibitor switch (automatic transmission)* 1135 Ignition coil 1200 Fuel pump relay 1205 Fuel pump fuse 1210 Fuel pump 1215 Canister purge solenoid valve* 1220 Coolant thermistor 1239 Idle regulation valve 1240 Inlet air thermistor 1302 Injection supply relay 1312 Inlet manifold pressure sensor 1313 Engine speed sensor 1317  Throttle potentiometer 1320 Injection-ignition control unit 1330 Injector 1348 Oxygen sensor heater fuse 1350 Oxygen sensor
4 Instrument panel 8000 Air conditioning switch* 8005 Air conditioning switch* 8020 Compressor supply relay* * According to equipment

2003 Infiniti Q45 Schematic IVIS (Infiniti Vehicle Immobilizer System-NATS)


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Diagrams: Other diagrams referred to by name within these diagrams can be found at Diagrams By Diagram Name. See: Diagrams By Diagram Name Diagnostic Strategies 1. Check the symptom and customer’s requests. 2. Understand the outline of system.
3. Perform the preliminary check. Refer to BL-70, “Preliminary Check”. See: Initial Inspection (Preliminary Check)\Preliminary Check
4. Perform the communication inspection. If CONSULT-II is used, refer to BL-73, “IVMS COMMUNICATION INSPECTION”. See: Description of On-Board Diagnostics\With Manufacturer’s Scan Tool (Infiniti CONSULT-II)\IVMS Communication Inspection If
CONSULT-II is not used, refer to BL-77, “COMMUNICATION DIAGNOSIS”. See: Displaying & Reading Trouble Codes\Without Scan Tool\Communication Diagnosis Procedure Is the communication diagnosis result OK? OK: GO TO step 7. NG: GO TO step 5.
5. Repair or replace depending on the diagnosis result.



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Refer to System Wiring Diagrams . COMPONENT LOCATOR THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM COMPONENT VIEWS Callout 1 2 3 THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM CONNECTOR END VIEWS Passlock Sensor Terminal Identification Component Name Passlock(tm) Sensor Connector Ignition Switch Connectors Ignition Switch DIAGNOSTIC STARTING POINT – THEFT DETERRENT Begin the system diagnosis with Diagnostic System Check – Theft Deterrent . The Diagnostic System Check will provide the following information: The identification of the control module(s) which command the system. The ability of the control module(s) to communicate through the serial data circuit. The identification of any stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and their status. The use of the Diagnostic System Check will identify the correct procedure for diagnosing the system and where the procedure is located. DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM CHECK – THEFT DETERRENT Test Description The number(s) below refer to the step number(s) on the diagnostic table. 2: Lack of communication may be due to a partial malfunction of the class 2 serial data circuit or due to a total malfunction of the class 2 serial data circuit. The specified procedure will determine the particular condition. 5: The presence of DTCs which begin with “U” indicate some other module is not communicating. The specified procedure will compile all the available information before tests are performed. 6: The listed DTCs are internal module malfunctions and should be corrected before attempting any other diagnostics. 7: The listed DTCs are battery voltage related malfunctions and should be corrected before attempting any other diagnostics.

1991 Subaru Legacy Sedan Fuel Pump Testing and Inspection


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Testing and Inspection Fuel Pump Circuit Schematic Sized for Print Refer to the schematic diagram and test the system with the diagnostic chart. FUEL PUMP CIRCUIT DIAGNOSTIC CHART Fuel Pump Circuit Diagnostic Chart CHECK FUEL PUMP OPERATION IN “D-CHECK” MODE 1. Connect “Test Mode” connector. [1] 2. Turn ignition “ON.” 3. Check fuel pump for proper operation. Fuel pump should cycle on and off. [1] Refer to “How To Display and Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes” in COMPUTERS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS.



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Table of Contents

Operation 4Alignment and Adjustment  7 Lubrication and Maintenance 10 Troubleshooting11 Brake System Schematic 12 Shunt System Schematic 13 Parts DiagramsTroubleshooting Condition Possible Cause Hydraulic cylinder movement slow or uneven Oil viscosity too high Low oil level Slow engine speed (if pump is driven from vehicle gearbox PTO) PTO not engaged Oil flow restricted to pump
Noisy pump, oil foaming, erratic cylinder movement Air leak on inlet side of pump Worn pump Incorrect oil viscosity Oil restricted to pump Low oil level Overheating Incorrect oil  Worn pump