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2004 Hyundai Sonata 2003-2004 Hyundai Santa FE 2004 Kia Optima no spark Problem and Repair


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1. At the crank position sensor, check for battery voltage to be present on the Red wire with the key on and cranking. The Black wire should be a good ground and the Blue wire should have 5 volts on it from the computer. One may have to disconnect the crank sensor to check for the 5 volt reference. 2. During crank look for a good 5 volt square wave signal on the Blue wire. 3. Check at the ignition coils for good battery voltage key on and cranking. If there is a loss of voltage during crank check the ignition failsafe relay. 4. Check for any stored engine codes. Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Ignition Failsafe Sensor The ignition failsafe sensor supplies battery voltage to the ignition coils. The ignition coils can look like they have good battery voltage key on but during crank the ignition failsafe relay can stop sending voltage to the ignition coils.

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kia optima Hi Scan repair manual


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For vehicles with 20 pin Data Link Connector, power is supplied from the DLC terminal through the DLC CABLE without the need for an additional power supply.For these vehicles connection of the DLC CABLE 20 to the HI SCAN LITE and the vehicle data link terminals is
all that is required. However in case of 6 pin data link connector, a separate
power supply by means of the cigar lighter cable will be required for earlier models. Diagnostic connector for vehicle with 20 pin or 6 pin can be found in the engine bay. Some are found near engine bulkhead and some are near battery

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Kia Sorento/ Kia Sedona Throttle Position Sensor W/3.5L Engine


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Description This bulletin provides information related to the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for Sorento & Sedona models. Some Sorento & Sedona vehicles may exhibit diagnostic trouble codes P0121 and/or P1121. This condition mainly occurs in high ambient or desert areas, and can be related to the occasional increase in contact resistance due to excessive wear of the inner elements of the TP sensor. This bulletin describes the proper service and adjustment procedure for replacing the TP Sensor. – Service Procedure Replacement Procedure: 1. Turn ignition OFF. Remove engine cover and disconnect electrical connector from TP Sensor. 2. Remove two (2) retaining screws from TP Sensor and remove from throttle body. 3. Install new TP Sensor to throttle body. Install retaining screws and hand tighten lightly. Adjustment will be required. Re-install electrical connector to TP Sensor.

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Vehicle Level Powertrain Management Ignition System Ignition Coil Service and Repair Service and Repair REPLACEMENT IGNITION COIL 1. Remove the engine cover. 2. Disconnect the spark plug cables and the ignition coil connector. 3. Remove the ignition coil (A). 4. Installation is the reverse of removal. 2006 Kia Spectra L4-2.0L – Service and Repair

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Kia Basic Automotive Electrical Course


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As a Kia service professional, you understand the importance of staying current with today’s complex automotive technology. The amount of training that a technician needs depends on factors like technical background, product knowledge and practical experience. To meet your needs, we have developed a modular training system to help you focus your efforts in the areas that are of the most value to you. TWO TYPES OF MODULES 1. Student Learning Guide and Workbook This module explains subjects from basic
concepts to the most complex technology we offer. Obtaining a working knowledge of any system or component is a prerequisite to effectively diagnose system malfunctions. There may also be classroom exercises that you will complete as a group.