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Lincoln Continental 1970-1987, Mark Series 1970-1992, Town Car 1981-2005 Repair Manual


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repair and service manual covers Lincoln rear-wheel drive models. Continental 1970-1987; Mark Series (III, IV, V, VI, VII) 1970-1992; and Town Car 1981-2005. Note: this manual does not include Versailles models, V6 or diesel engine information.
What’s Inside
* Introduction: Vehicle identification numbers; Buying parts; Maintenance techniques, and more.
* Tune-up and routine maintenance
* Overhead valve (OHV) engines
* Overhead cam (OHC) engine
* General engine overhaul procedures
* Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
* Fuel and exhaust systems
* Engine electrical systems
* Emissions control systems
* Transmission
* Brakes
* Suspension and steering systems
* Body
* Chassis electrical system
* Wiring diagrams

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1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Complete Wiring Guide


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DEFOGGERS Fig. 1: Defogger Circuit HORN Fig. 2: Horn Circuit POWER ANTENNA Fig. 3: Power Antenna Circuit POWER DOOR LOCKS Fig. 4: Power Door Lock Circuit POWER SEATS Fig. 5: Power Seat Circuits POWER WINDOWS Fig. 6: Power Window Circuit, 2 Door RADIO Fig. 7: Mono Radio Circuit Fig. 8: Stereo Radio Circuit STARTING/CHARGING Fig. 9: Charging Circuit Fig. 10: Starting Circuit TRUNK, TAILGATE, FUEL DOOR Fig. 11: Trunk Release Circuit WIPER/WASHER Fig. 12: 2-Speed Wiper/Washer Circuit Fig. 13: Interval Wiper/Washer Circuit PART 2 Fig. 1: Engine Compartment Fig. 2: Engine Compartment (Cont.) Fig. 3: Fuse Block & Underdash Fig. 4: Underdash (Cont.) & Instrument Panel Fig. 5: Instrument Panel (Cont.) Fig. 6: Rear Compartment & Accessories SUB-SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAMS CANADIAN MODELS Fig. 7: Kicker System Wiring Diagram (5.0L “B” Body A/C) Fig. 8: A/C Kicker System (3.8L “B” & “G” Body) Wiring Diagram Fig. 9: Electric Choke Heater (3.8L “B” & “G” Body) Wiring Diagram Fig. 10: Electric Choke Heater (3.8L “B” Body Without Gauges) Fig. 11: Electric Choke Heater (5.0L “B” & “G” Body) Fig. 12: Early Fuel Evap System (“B” & “G” Body) Wiring Diagram Fig. 13: TCC (“B” & “G” Body, 3 or 4-Speed Auto. Trans.)

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This Service Bulletin is to inform you of the Electrical Wiring Diagram for RAV4 equipped with 1CD-


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A water leak between the front outer panel and cowl panels may result in corrosion of the front door wiring connector pins if the vehicle is operated in areas where road salt is used. The corrosion may affect the operation of the electrical circuits in the door, such as the speakers, power windows, etc. To correct this condition, reseal the seams and inspect the door wiring connectors for corrosion. If necessary, replace the door wiring connector and the door wiring by following the service procedures described in this TSB. SEALING THE PANEL SEAMS: NOTE: This sealing procedure applies to both left and right sides. 1. Open the hood. 2. Locate the “A” pillar outer panel and cowl panel seaming area at the base of the “A” pillar. 3. Lift up the lower end of windshield glass molding to obtain space for sealant application. 4. Clean the sealant application area on both the left and right sides of the vehicle (fender removed in photo for clarity). 5. Apply clear sealant along the seam line between “A” pillar panel and cowl panel from the engine compartment as shown in the photo. 6. Use appropriate tool or finger (with rubber nitrate gloves) to smooth material to seal the sealant. NOTE: Apply enough sealant to completely fill the seam. Be careful not to drip excess sealant in the engine compartment or on the hood. – Photo shows panel seams where sealant is applied on left side. – Repeat for the right side. 7. Open the front door. 8. Apply the clear sealant to the seam between “A” pillar panel and the fender mounting bracket from inside the door opening. 9. Apply the clear sealant to the bottom of the fender mounting bracket and the top of the hinge. 10. Use appropriate tool or finger (with rubber nitrate gloves) to smooth material to seal the sealant. NOTE: Apply enough sealant to completely fill the seam. Be careful not to drip excess sealant on the door trim or in the interior. – Sealant is applied along the top edge of the fender bracket.

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1996-2000 Hyundai Accent/ Hyundai Pony/ Hyundai Excel Trouble code identification


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Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Injector 2 or 3 – circuit malfunction Wiring, injector Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, MAF sensor, ECM Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Wiring, HO2S, mechanical fault, fuel system, fuel Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) – malfunction pressure, ECM AC cooling fan – circuit malfunction Wiring, AC cooling fan Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, ECT sensor, ECM Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAT sensor, ECM

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