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1988 Mazda Truck B Series Truck Timing Belt Removal and Installation


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1. Align the timing mark on the timing belt pulley and camshaft pulley with the marks. 2. Remove all the spark plugs.
NOTE: This is to prevent compression while rotating the timing belt. 3. This procedure must be used to install the timing belt. (1) Install the timing belt tensioner and spring. (2) Position the timing belt tensioner all the way to the intake side, and temporarily
secure it by tightening the lock bolt. Install the timing belt on the crankshaft
pulley and the camshaft pulley from the tension side (the right side as viewed from
the front of the engine) so that tension is retained.

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Chevrolet Car Truck Shop Service Manual


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Covers 1941 Chevrolet Special, Master Deluxe, 1/2 ton truck, 3/4 ton truck, 1 1/2 ton truck
* Covers the Body, Chassis, Electrical, Engine, Drive-train, Transmission, etc
* Includes wiring diagrams
* Text & illustration to help in diagnosis, disassembly, repair, installation, assembly, etc

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Toyota Truck and Land Cruiser Owners Bible


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A Hands-on Guide To Getting The Most From Your Toyota.
The Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owner’s Bible(tm) is the authoritative companion book for your Toyota truck, whether it’s a heavy hauling pickup, rugged off-road FJ40, or a new Land Cruiser that»s never left pavement.
Author, veteran truck mechanic and off-road expert Moses Ludel has written the only comprehensive source of information for Toyota Trucks and Land Cruisers-a history, buyer»s guide, service manual, and high-performance tuning book all in one! Discover every aspect of Toyota trucks, from their origins in 1958 to the latest technological advances.

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1995 Chevrolet Chevy Van G20 Exploded View Of 4L60-E Transmission Internal Components


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OVERHAUL – 4L60-E Fig. 16: Exploded View Of 4L60-E Transmission Internal
1995 Chevrolet Chevy Van G20

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2003 – 2007 Dodge Ram Truck Front End Shimmy On 4×4 Vehicles When Traveling Over Rough Surfaces In The Road


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SUBJECT: Front End Shimmy On 4×4 Vehicles When Traveling Over Rough Surfaces In The Road OVERVIEW: This bulletin involves verifying the condition of the vehicle front suspension and steering components, and adjusting the front tire pressure. MODELS: 2003 – 2007 (DR/DH/D1/DC) Ram Truck (2500/3500) NOTE: This bulletin applies to four wheel drive (4×4) 2500 and 3500 model vehicles. SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The customer may experience a self sustaining vibration (shimmy) felt in the front end of the vehicle after striking a bump or pothole. DIAGNOSIS: If the customer experiences the above condition perform the Repair Procedure.

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