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2003-2007 Crown Victoria, Crown Victoria exhibit a reduction in power at wide open throttle


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ISSUE Some 2003-2007 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors and Taxi Vehicles may exhibit a reduction in power at wide open throttle (WOT) when accelerating from a stop, particularly after extended idle. ACTION If the customers concern is a lack of power at WOT especially after prolonged idle and possible accompanied with a malfunction indicator light (MIL) on with diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0191, remove and clean the fuel tank and replace the fuel pump. NOTE VEHICLE MAINTENANCE ITEMS SUCH AS RESTRICTED IN-LINE FUEL FILTERS CAN CAUSE SIMILAR CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS AND SHOULD BE ELIMINATED AS POTENTIAL CAUSES BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THIS TSB.

2005-2008 Ford Crown Victoria with a lack of power and or a buck condition on acceleration


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FORD: 2005-2008 Crown Victoria ISSUE Some 2005 to 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor vehicles built before 10/19/2007 may exhibit MIL illumination accompanied with a lack of power and/or a buck/jerk condition on acceleration, especially in colder temperatures. This may be caused by an improperly sealed air box resulting in inaccurate air flow measurements by the mass air flow (MAF) meter. ACTION Check lower air cleaner assembly for case distortion resulting in improper air filter positioning. Follow the Service Procedure steps to replace the warped air cleaner assembly. NOTE THIS ONLY APPLIES TO CROWN VICTORIA POLICE INTERCEPTOR VEHICLES. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Remove the upper air box cover as per Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 303-12. Check the lower case for outward distortion of the walls which results in improper air filter fit. Check any areas along the length or width of the air filter seal which are not in contact with the lower case. a. If the case is not warped, do not continue with this TSB and refer to the Powertrain Controls/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) for further diagnosis.b. If the case is warped, proceed to Step 2. Replace the air box assembly per WSM, Section 303-12. Clear all DTCs.

Honda Gold Wing GL1200 Repair Manual 1984-1987


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covers Honda GL1200 Goldwing carbureted models, 1182cc, 1984 to 1987.
Book Summary
Complete coverage for your Honda Gold Wing 1200 covering 1200cc models for (1984 thru 1987) (Does not include fuel-injected models):
–Routine Maintenance
–Tune-up procedures
–Engine, clutch and transmission repair
–Cooling system
–Fuel and exhaust
–Emissions control
–Ignition and electrical systems
–Brakes, wheels and tires
–Steering, suspension and final drive
–Frame and bodywork
–Wiring diagrams

1989-2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Ford Crown Victoria Lincoln Town Car DISABLING OF AIR SUSPENSION CONTROLS


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Air suspension switch in trunk area must be turned o . On 1991-94 vehicles, locate the control module for the air suspension in the trunk area on either the back of rear seat or behind the trim panel on the right rear side of the trunk. On 1995-97 vehicles the control module is located under the right side of dash panel. There are 2 connectors for all model years, 1 black and 1 gray. On the 98-06 leave the solenoid connected. Disconnect the black connector and remove or cut the wire to pin #11 as shown. This will turn o the “AIR SUSP” message on the dashboard. The color code for this wire should be as follows: LINCOLN TOWN CAR: dark green/light green CROWN VICTORIA: green MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS: green Reconnect the black connector to the control module. This connector must be reconnected as the control module also controls functions of the “EVO” steering system. Turn Suspension Switch ON. NOTE: The parts in this kit are designed to replace the worn or nonfunctioning original equipment parts in the vehicle as produced by the car factory. These parts are not designed for installation on vehicles where the suspension aand/or steering systems have been modified for racing, competition, or any other reason than originally designed by manufacturer.



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FORD: LINCOLN: MERCURY: 2005-2010 Crown Victoria 2005-2006 Expedition 2005-2010 E-150, E-250, E-350, F-150 2005-2010 Town Car 2006-2008 Mark LT 2005-2010 Grand Marquis Some 2005-2010 vehicles equipped with a 4R70/75E-W transmission may experience an un-commanded torque converter clutch (TCC) apply or TCC partial apply immediately after the 1-2 shift. This may result in the perception that the vehicle lacks power or that the transmission is up-shifting too early. Additional symptoms of uncommanded TCC apply when coming to a stop (before the 2-1 downshift is commanded), are engine stalling or lugging when engaging manual 2nd while at a stop and code P1742 may be present in continuous memory. However, the vehicle should operate normally in park, reverse, neutral and manual 1st gear. ACTION: Follow the Service Procedure for verification and repair. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Monitor (TCC %) solenoid command state – duty cycle and (TC SLIP ACT) torque converter clutch slippage – RPM, while in 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear with a TCC % reading 0. a. If TCC % = 0 and TC SLIP ACT = less than 20 RPM then inspect the number 7 check ball in the main control valve body for damage. Replace as required following the appropriate Workshop Manual (WSM) under Disassembly and Assembly of Subassemblies – Main Control Valve Body. (Figure 1) NOTE: THIS PROCEDURE IS PERFORMED IN 2ND GEAR AUTO (NOT MANUAL 2). MONITOR (TC SLIP ACT) AFTER THE POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM) COMMANDS 2ND GEAR AND BEFORE THE VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR (VSS) READS 35 MPH (56 KM/H). b. If you receive any other reading, this procedure does not apply; follow normal diagnostic procedures as outlined in the appropriate WSM. NOTE: IT IS NORMAL FOR THE PCM TO COMMAND 4TH GEAR AT SPEEDS AS LOW AS 19 MPH ( 30 KM/H) WITH LIGHT ACCELERATION WHEN THE THROTTLE POSITION IS LESS THEN 20%.