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VW Golf & Jetta Service and Repair Manual


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Service and Repair Manual. Models covered. VW Golf & Jetta
VW Golf & Jetta Service and Repair Manual
Models covered
VW Golf & Jetta Mk 2 models with petrol engines, including fuel injection, catalytic converter,
Formel E, 16-valve and special/limited edition models 1043 cc, 1272 cc, 1595 cc & 1781 cc
Covers mechanical features of Van. Does not cover Convertible, Rallye, Caddy, diesel engine, 4 -wheel drive, Mk 1 models
or new Golf range introduced in February 1992


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BMW 5-Series (E34) Repair Manual 525i, 530i, 535i, 540i, Touring 1989-1995


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BMW 5 Series from 1989 to 1995. The aim throughout this manual has been simplicity, clarity and completeness, with practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourself BMW owner, this manual will help you understand, care for and repair your E34 5 Series.

Models and engines covered:
525i (M20 with DME 1.3) 1989-1990
525i (M50 with DME 3.1) 1991-1992
525i (M50TU/VANOS with DME 3.3.1) 1993-1995
530i (M60 with DME 3.3) 1994-1995
535i (M30 with DME 1.3) 1989-1993
540i (M60 with DME 3.3) 1994-1995
Transmissions covered:
Manual (remove, install, external service)
Getrag 260/5 and 260/6
Getrag S5D 250G
Getrag S6S 560G
Automatic (remove, install, external service)
A4S 310R (THM-R1)
ZF A5S 310Z
ZF A5S 560Z

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Exhaust System Installation For 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI


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Note: With a used vehicle, we suggest a penetrating spray lubricant to be applied liberally to all exhaust fasteners and allowing a significant period of time for the chemical to lubricate the threads before attempting to disassemble. 1. The OE exhaust cannot be removed without cutting the pipe above the rear-axel area. Cut pipe as indicated using a metal-cutting blade (Figure 1). Support the muffler as needed while cutting. 2. Loosen the (2) clamp bolts as shown (13mm) and slide clamp towards front of vehicle. (Figure.2) 3. Using a muffler stand or an additional person to hold the muffler assem- bly up into position, slide the (2) hangars out of the rubber isolators and remove the front muffler assembly. Keep the hardware for use during the installation of your new exhaust system. (Figure 3) 4. Slide the (2) hangars out of the rubber isolators and remove the rear muf- fler assembly. Warning: Use extreme caution during installation. Torque all fasteners according to manufacturer’s torque values and tightening sequence. DO NOT use air impact tools to tighten fasteners on Borla Performance Exhaust Systems. Use of such tools may result in bent flanges or gasket contact areas leading to exhaust leaks. TITLE: 2009-2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sedan and Sport Wagon TDI Installation Instructions (pn-140317)

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VW Rabbit, Jetta, Scirocco, Pick-up & Convertible (gasoline engine) 1975-1992 Auto Repair Manua


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VW Rabbit, Jetta, Scirocco, Pick-up & Convertible (gasoline engine) 1975-1992 Auto Repair Manual
Provides service, repair and maintenance information for all Rabbit, Golf, Jetta, Scirocco, Pick-up and Cabriolet Convertible gasoline models (1975-1992) Rabbit Convertible (1980-1992)

Dakota Trucks 1989-1996 Ignition Tests COIL


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The ignition coil for the vehicles covered by this guide is in the following locations: • 1989-92 engines: mounted to the firewall
• 1993-96 2.5L engines: mounted on the thermostat housing in front of the coolant temperature sensor • 1993-96 V6 and V8 LDC engines: mounted to a bracket bolted to the right engine cylinder head • 1993-96 5.9L HDC engines: mounted to a bracket bolted to the air injection pump (AIR pump) mounting bracket. Fig. 2: Ignition coil mounting-all 1989-92 models Fig. 3: Ignition coil wiring and mounting hardware-1993- Inspect the ignition coil for arcing while the engine is running. If the engine will not start,
this can be performed while the engine is cranked by either an assistant or a remote
starter. Look at the coil in dim or low light to aid visibility of any arcing.

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