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1991 Chevrolet Cavalier/ Z24 Heater Control Valve: Heater – Low Output


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On customer comments of low heater output on 1989-91 J cars, before replacing a suspected defective engine cooling thermostat, proper diagnosis of the condition must be performed to avoid the possibility of a repeat repair. Follow “Diagnosis” as shown in Section 1A/1B of the appropriate Service Manual. After completing the diagnosis, use the following as a guide to the next corrective step: ^ If the diagnosis indicates a defective thermostat, refer to Section 6C for replacement. ^ If the diagnosis indicates a defective temperature control cable, refer to Section 1A/1B for replacement. ^ If the diagnosis indicates the temperature control cable is no longer “snapped” into its retainer, refer to “Temperature Control Cable Repair” in the 1991 Service Manual, Sections 1A/1B. ^ If the diagnosis indicates that the temperature control cable is out of adjustment, refer to the following procedure to repair. TEMPERATURE CONTROL CABLE ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE Condition: Condition: Cause: Correction For Number: 1. “Spring back” off full “hot” temperature control position (or not attaining full “cold” temperature door position). 2. “Spring back” off full “cold” temperature control position (or not attaining full “hot” temperature door position). The temperature control cable “clip” needs adjustment. Refer to the illustration for correct gripping of the “clip” during adjustment. 1. Grip “clip” at module end of cable while pulling temperature control lever to “hot” position.

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FORD: 1990-1997 THUNDERBIRD 1990-1999 MUSTANG, TAURUS SHO 1991-1999 CROWN VICTORIA, ESCORT, TAURUS 1992-1994 TEMPO 1993-1997 PROBE 1995-1999 CONTOUR 1990 BRONCO II 1990-1997 AEROSTAR 1990-1999 RANGER 1991-1999 EXPLORER 1994-1996 BRONCO 1994-1997 F SUPER DUTY, F-250 HD 1994-1999 ECONOLINE, F-150, F-250 LD, F-350 1995-1999 WINDSTAR 1997-1999 EXPEDITION 1999 F-250 HD, SUPER DUTY F SERIES

MERCURY: 1990-1997 COUGAR 1991-1999 GRAND MARQUIS, SABLE, TRACER 1992-1994 TOPAZ 1995-1999 MYSTIQUE 1997-1999 MOUNTAINEER

This TSB article is a diagnostic procedure to address vehicles that exhibit lean driveability MASS AIR FLOW (MAF) DISCUSSION symptoms and may or may not have any Diagnostic MAF sensors can get contaminated from a variety Trouble Codes (DTCs) stored in memory. of sources: dirt, oil, silicon, spider webs, potting
compound from the sensor itself, etc. When a MAF sensor gets contaminated, it skews the transfer Follow the diagnostic procedures described in the function such that the sensor over-estimates air flow following Service Tip. The revised diagnostic at idle (causes the fuel system to go rich) and procedure is a more accurate means of diagnosing under-estimates air flow at high air flows (causes
the symptoms. fuel system to go lean). This means Long Term Fuel Trims will learn lean (negative) corrections at idle and learn rich (positive) corrections at higher air flows.

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1999 Protege 1.6L 1999-00 Miata 1.8L RATTLING NOISE FROM ENGINE Service Bulletin


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APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINS All 1999 Protege (1.6L) with VINs lower than JM1 BJ222* X0 140057. All 1999 – 2000 Miata with (1.8L) VINs lower than JM1 NB353* Y0 155947. DESCRIPTION A rattling noise may be heard from the engine when depressing the clutch or when revving the engine in neutral. In extreme cases, customers may experience noise at all times. This concern can be caused by improperly machined number 4 main cap of cylinder blocks which may result in premature wear of the thrust bearing. Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure
1. Verify customer concern. 2. Using a dial indicator, measure and record the crankshaft end play as shown (Protege). Rotate the crankshaft 180o, and again measure and record the crankshaft end play. – If end play is 0.3mm or more, proceed to STEP 3. – If end play is still less then 0.3mm, refer to the Work- shop Manual for further diagnostics. 3. Replace the applicable part per the Workshop Manual: • Protege – Short Engine • Miata – Partial Engine Note • Completely clean any parts that will be reused. 4. Verify the repair.

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1999 Infiniti I30 3.0L 1999 Nissan Maxima 3.0L The engine cranks but will not start


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Customer Concern: The engine cranks but will not start. It has spark. No fuel injector pulse. There is power to the fuel injectors. The security light is on, key on. The computer doesn’t recognize the key. Immobilizer system lock-out. Tests/Procedures: 1. Have the customer bring in other keys to try and then try to escape from the lock mode. 2. The vehicle needs to go to the dealer for the factory scan tool. There is a TSB #NTB00-019 for immobilizer system problems and updated components, but would need the factory scan tool to reprogram it either way. Potential Causes: Malfunctioning Immobilizer System Incorrect Key

2005 Chevrolet Cavalier Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement


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Removal Procedure 1. Remove the clutch master cylinder pushrod from the clutch pedal. 2. Remove the master cylinder retaining nuts at the front of the dash. 3. Remove the remote reservoir. 4. Disconnect the clutch actuator cylinder line. 5. Remove the clutch master cylinder assembly from the clutch pedal assembly. Installation Procedure 1. Install the clutch master cylinder assembly to the clutch pedal assembly. 2. Connect the clutch actuator cylinder line. 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier L4-2.2L VIN F 3. Install the remote reservoir. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions. 4. Install the master cylinder retaining nuts at the front of the dash. ^ Tighten the nuts evenly to 21 Nm (15 ft. lbs.). 5. Install the pushrod to the clutch pedal. 6. Bleed the hydraulic system.