1999 volkswagen golf wont start

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1999 Volkswagen Golf MANUAL TRANS OVERHAUL – TYPE 02J


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1998-99 MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS Volkswagen/Audi V.A.G. Type 02J 1998-99; Beetle 1999; Golf, Jetta IDENTIFICATION Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) transaxle is identified by a type number cast into transaxle case. Three letter suffix identifies model. Code letter and production date information is stamped on a machined surface located inside the start mounting area and on upper portion of transaxle clutch housing surface. DESCRIPTION Type 02J is a 5-speed transaxle consisting of an input shaft, mainshaft/drive pinion and a differential assembly which transfers power to front wheels. LUBRICATION Place vehicle on level surface. Remove sound insulation below transmission, if equipped. Remove filler plug. Oil level should be to bottom of filler opening. Add fluid as needed. Use synthetic gear oil (G50, SAE 75W/90). Capacity is 2.1 qts. (2.0L).

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1999 Infiniti I30 3.0L 1999 Nissan Maxima 3.0L The engine cranks but will not start


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Customer Concern: The engine cranks but will not start. It has spark. No fuel injector pulse. There is power to the fuel injectors. The security light is on, key on. The computer doesn’t recognize the key. Immobilizer system lock-out. Tests/Procedures: 1. Have the customer bring in other keys to try and then try to escape from the lock mode. 2. The vehicle needs to go to the dealer for the factory scan tool. There is a TSB #NTB00-019 for immobilizer system problems and updated components, but would need the factory scan tool to reprogram it either way. Potential Causes: Malfunctioning Immobilizer System Incorrect Key

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FORD: 1990-1997 THUNDERBIRD 1990-1999 MUSTANG, TAURUS SHO 1991-1999 CROWN VICTORIA, ESCORT, TAURUS 1992-1994 TEMPO 1993-1997 PROBE 1995-1999 CONTOUR 1990 BRONCO II 1990-1997 AEROSTAR 1990-1999 RANGER 1991-1999 EXPLORER 1994-1996 BRONCO 1994-1997 F SUPER DUTY, F-250 HD 1994-1999 ECONOLINE, F-150, F-250 LD, F-350 1995-1999 WINDSTAR 1997-1999 EXPEDITION 1999 F-250 HD, SUPER DUTY F SERIES

MERCURY: 1990-1997 COUGAR 1991-1999 GRAND MARQUIS, SABLE, TRACER 1992-1994 TOPAZ 1995-1999 MYSTIQUE 1997-1999 MOUNTAINEER

This TSB article is a diagnostic procedure to address vehicles that exhibit lean driveability MASS AIR FLOW (MAF) DISCUSSION symptoms and may or may not have any Diagnostic MAF sensors can get contaminated from a variety Trouble Codes (DTCs) stored in memory. of sources: dirt, oil, silicon, spider webs, potting
compound from the sensor itself, etc. When a MAF sensor gets contaminated, it skews the transfer Follow the diagnostic procedures described in the function such that the sensor over-estimates air flow following Service Tip. The revised diagnostic at idle (causes the fuel system to go rich) and procedure is a more accurate means of diagnosing under-estimates air flow at high air flows (causes
the symptoms. fuel system to go lean). This means Long Term Fuel Trims will learn lean (negative) corrections at idle and learn rich (positive) corrections at higher air flows.

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2006 Honda Civic Immobilizer Indicator Is Blinking Engine Won’t Start


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SYMPTOM The engine does not start, and the immobilizer indicator is blinking (especially if the battery recently went dead and the engine was jump-started). PROBABLE CAUSE The immobilizer IMOES code has been erased. NOTE: This problem occurs only if all these conditions are met: • The security system is set. • The battery goes dead. • Battery power is connected to the vehicle, then disconnected in a very short period of time (milliseconds). If the vehicle meets these conditions, or if the condition is unknown, go to DIAGNOSIS. CORRECTIVE ACTION Replace the under-dash fuse/relay box (MICU). DIAGNOSIS NOTE: When the immobilizer system is not allowing the engine to start, the results vary depending on the model and how quickly the ignition key is turned. 2006 Civic 2-Door, 4-Door, Si, and GX • If you quickly turn the ignition switch from LOCK (0) to START (III), the engine starts and runs for about 1 second, then shuts off. • If you turn the ignition switch to ON (II), then pause before turning to START (III), the starter cranks, but the engine does not start. • When the ignition switch is returned to LOCK (0), the indicator blinks 10 times. 2006 Civic Hybrid • During moderate weather conditions, if you turn the ignition switch to START (III), the gauges and gauge indicators come on, but the engine does not crank. • During extremely cold conditions (about 0° F or lower) or a low IMA battery: – If you turn the ignition switch quickly from LOCK (0) to START (III), the starter motor, not the IMA motor, cranks the engine and it runs for about 1 second, then shuts off. – If you turn the ignition switch to ON (II), then pause before turning to START (III), the starter motor, not the IMA motor, cranks the engine but it does not start. • When the ignition switch is returned to LOCK (0), the indicator blinks 10 times.

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