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Vehicle Level Powertrain Management Ignition System Ignition Coil Service and Repair Service and Repair REPLACEMENT IGNITION COIL 1. Remove the engine cover. 2. Disconnect the spark plug cables and the ignition coil connector. 3. Remove the ignition coil (A). 4. Installation is the reverse of removal. 2006 Kia Spectra L4-2.0L – Service and Repair

Kia Sorento/ Kia Sedona Throttle Position Sensor W/3.5L Engine


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Description This bulletin provides information related to the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for Sorento & Sedona models. Some Sorento & Sedona vehicles may exhibit diagnostic trouble codes P0121 and/or P1121. This condition mainly occurs in high ambient or desert areas, and can be related to the occasional increase in contact resistance due to excessive wear of the inner elements of the TP sensor. This bulletin describes the proper service and adjustment procedure for replacing the TP Sensor. – Service Procedure Replacement Procedure: 1. Turn ignition OFF. Remove engine cover and disconnect electrical connector from TP Sensor. 2. Remove two (2) retaining screws from TP Sensor and remove from throttle body. 3. Install new TP Sensor to throttle body. Install retaining screws and hand tighten lightly. Adjustment will be required. Re-install electrical connector to TP Sensor.

Audi A4 Sedan 2002-2004, Audi A4 Avant 2002-2004, Audi A4 Cabriolet 2003-2004 – 1.8 Liter 4-Cyl. 5V Turbo Generic Scan Tool


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Check the following wire connection for open circuit according to wiring diagram:Relay carrier in E-box, plenum chamber, position 3Terminal Harness connector atignition coils Terminal 8 1 Specified value: Wire resistance max 1.5 – If necessary, repair wire connection. Audi A4 Sedan 2002-2004, Audi A4 Avant 2002-2004, Audi A4 Cabriolet 2003-2004 – 1.8 Liter 4-Cyl. 5V Turbo Generic Scan Tool, Engi…Page 5 24-158 If no malfunctions are found in wires: – Check voltage supply of Motronic Engine Control Module (ECM) voltage supply relay – J271 – Page 24-158 . – Check activation of Motronic Engine Control
Module (ECM) voltage supply relay – J271 – Page 24-159 . Checking voltage supply If specified value is not obtained:
- Connect multimeter for voltage measurement as follows. Relay carrier in E-box, plenum chamber, position 3

2002 Saturn SL2 A/T – 2nd to 3rd Gear Shift Flare


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Automatic Transaxle 2-3 Shift Flare During First Minutes of Driving After Cold Soak (Perform Bulletin Procedure) Models: 2002 Saturn S-Series Vehicles with Automatic Transaxle (RPOs MP6, MP7) Attention: General Manager, Fixed Operations Manager, Parts Manager, Technician Condition: Some customers of 2002 S-series vehicles with MP6 or MP7 automatic transaxles may comment on a 2-3 shift flare during the first few minutes of driving after vehicle cold soak. Cause: This condition may be caused by improper pressure, a leak in the 2nd clutch circuit, improper clutch plate finish on 2nd and 3rd clutches, a restriction in the 3rd clutch oil delivery path in the end cover, or improper surface finish in the piston bores of the 2-3 clutch housing. Correction: To correct this condition, duplicate by cold soaking the vehicle the amount of time at temperature described by the owner. Refer to procedure in this bulletin. Service Procedure Verify proper transaxle pressures by installing gauge and performing stepped pressure test after cold soak. Refer to “Stepped Pressure Test” procedure in the 2002 Saturn S-Series Automatic Transaxle Service Manual. ^ If pressures are low, follow the diagnostic chart for DTC P0745 for possible causes of low pressure. Refer to “P0745 – PC Solenoid Pressure Low” diagnostic in the 2002 Saturn S-Series Automatic Transaxle Service Manual. ^ If pressures are within normal ranges, proceed to Step 2. Remove the transaxle end cover. Refer to “End Cover Replacement” in the 2002 Saturn S-Series Automatic Transaxle Service Manual. Check torque on input shaft nut and end cover 3rd clutch oil passage for restrictions. ^ Input shaft nut torque should be 150 N.m (111 ft-lb). If nut is found to be loose, remove nut, clean threads and install new nut using Service Manual procedures and proceed to check 3rd oil passage. ^ Check 3rd oil passage in the end cover by pouring transaxle fluid through it and another passage. If the passage is restricted, you will notice significantly less fluid flow through it. If 3rd clutch passage is found to be restricted, install new end cover per Service Manual procedures and retest for concern. ^ If nut and 3rd clutch passage are okay, proceed to Step 4. Remove transaxle from vehicle. Refer to “Transaxle Removal” in the 2002 Saturn S-Series Automatic Transaxle Service Manual. Disassemble transaxle and install new 2-3 clutch housing, clutch pistons and clutch plates. Refer to “Transaxle Disassemble” in the 2002 Saturn S-Series Automatic Transaxle Service Manual.

2005-2006 Volkswagen Touareg Update Programming Transmission Control Module (TCM) for Improved Upshifting (OE)


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Service Requirements: Vehicle must meet ALL of the following criteria. 1 – Procedure is valid only for vehicles that show the OE code in the OTIS View Campaign inquiry screen on the day of repair (see Page 11). 2 – Vehicle must be within the Limited New Vehicle Warranty. 3 – Procedure must be performed within the allotted time frame stated in this Technical Bulletin. Procedure: – Raise hood, inspect for white dot located on accessory drive belt tensioner. – If white dot is present, close out the Required Vehicle Update in O.T.I.S. Input appropriate code ( see page 11). – If white dot is not present, follow instructions to perform update programming (Flashing) of transmission control module. Note: When performing the reflash procedure, ALL DTCs for all systems are erased. DTCs linked to Guided Fault Finding function tests will be lost. Therefore, always address stored DTCs for Customer concerns unrelated to the reflash procedure first. The following “Update – Programming” (flashing) process may overwrite any “TUNED” ECM or TCM programming.A “TUNED” ECM or TCM is described as any ECM or TCM altered so as to perform outside the normal parameters and specifications approved by Volkswagen of America, Inc. If you encounter a vehicle with a “Tuned” ECM or TCM, prior to performing the “Upda- te – Programming” (flashing) procedure: D Your Dealership should place the vehicle owner on notice in writing, that their ECM or TCM was found to have been tuned, and that any damage caused by the tuning of the ECM or TCM (including any adverse emissions consequences) will not be covered by Volkswagen of America, Inc. warranties.