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NOTICE: Always turn the crankshaft clockwise. (c) Check that the timing marks of the camshaft timing pul- leys and No.3 timing belt cover are aligned. If not, turn the crankshaft pulley 1 revolution (360°). (d) Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt. IF REUSING TIMING BELT, CHECK INSTALLATION MARKS ON TIMING BELT Check that there are 3 installation marks and front mark on the timing belt. If the installation and front marks have disappeared, before re- moving the timing belt, place 3 new installation marks on the timing belt to match the timing marks of the timing pulleys, and place a new front mark on the timing belt. 18. 19. REMOVE TIMING BELT TENSIONER Alternately loosen the 2 bolts, and remove them, the belt ten- sioner and dust boot. 20. REMOVE TIMING BELT 21. (a) REMOVE RH CAMSHAFT TIMING PULLEY Using SST, loosen the pulley bolt. SST 09960–10010 (09962–01000, 09963–01000) Remove the bolt, knock pin and timing pulley. (b) 22. (a) REMOVE LH CAMSHAFT TIMING PULLEY Using SST, loosen the pulley bolt. SST 09960–10010 (09962–01000, 09963–01000) Remove the bolt, knock pin and timing pulley. (b) 23. REMOVE NO.2 IDLER PULLEY Remove the bolt and idler pulley. 24. REMOVE NO.1 IDLER PULLEY Using a 10 mm hexagon wrench, remove the pivot bolt, idler pulley and plate washer. 25. REMOVE CRANKSHAFT TIMING PULLEY Remove the timing pulley. HINT: If the pulley cannot be removed by hand, use SST and a service bolt to remove the timing pulley. SST 09950–50011 (09951–05010, 09952–05010, 09953–05020, 09954–05011)

VARIABLE VALVE TIMING (VVT) NOISE WHEN STARTING ENGINE 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6 2007 Mazda CX-7


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2007 Mazdaspeed3 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1BK******742222 (produced before April 1, 2007)
2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1 GG******109660 (produced before April 1, 2007)
2007 Mazda CX-7 vehicles with VINs lower than JM3ER******166945 (produced before April 1, 2007)
When the engine is first started, some vehicles may exhibit a loud ticking noise from the variable valve timing
(VVT). This is caused by the lock pin of the variable valve timing actuator not fully engaging. Heat treatment has
now been added around the hole of the variable valve timing rotor lock pin to prevent this from happening


1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Camshaft Timing COMPLETE CAM TIMING PROCEDURE


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T] EXHAUST CAMSHAFT (RIGHT) T| INTAKE CAMSHAFT (RIGHT) T] SECONDARY TIMING BELT IDLER PULLEYS T) INTAKE CAMSHAFT (LEFT) 7] EXHAUST CAMSHAFT (LEFT) T] COOLANT PUMP T] INTERMEDIATE SHAFT BELT SPROCKET T] SERPENTINE BELT TENSIONER T| SECONDARY TIMING BELT TENSIONER PULLEY ??] GENERATOR ??] SECONDARY TIMING BELT TENSIONER ?2? SECONDARY TIMING BELT NOTE: START AT #7 AND INSTALL COUNTERCLOCIOMBE A LOCATION OF TIMING MARKS WITH CAM HOLD DOWN TOOLS J 38813 INSTALLED B FRONT COVER TIMING MARK C LOCATION OF TIMINS MARKS WITH DRIVE BELT IN- STALLED D LOCATION WHERE CAM HOLD DOWN TOOLS ARE INSTALLED RH EXHAUST CAMSHAFT SPROCKET RH INTAKE CAMSHAFT SPROCKET LH INTAKE CAMSHAFT SPROCKET LH EXHAUST CAMSHAFT SPROCKET PERMANENT MARKS PAINTED DOTS REMOVE PREVIOUS MARKS IF TIMING IS BEINS CHANGED AND MARK AGAIN IN THESE LOCATIONS TORSIONAL DAMPER INTERMEDIATE SHAFT SPROCKET NOTE: THIS TDC #1 EXHAUST. INTtRMEDlATE »HAFT BELT sprocket twno mark» at » o’clock (powtmo towards drain notch) NOTE : GM does not provide a timing mark diagram for belt installation without using the special tool(s) listed below. TOOLS REQUIRED: A J 38613 CamHold Down Tool A J 38614 Cam Sprocket Holding Tool NOTICE: If only one (1) bank is to be timed, make sure bank to bank earn timing relationship is one (1) revolution apart. Timing flats should be 180 degrees opposite (right bank versus left bank) when finally timed. 1. Remove all spark plugs. 2. Remove all camshaft sprockets. IMPORTANT: Remove oil from cam hold down tool bolt hole in carrier before installing and tightening bolt. 3. Rotate camshaft flats “up” and install J 38613. Tighten cam hold down tool bolt to 30 Nm (22 lb. ft). 4. Install all camshaft sprockets. 5. Timing belt by routing it around the idlers and sprockets. DO NOT bend, kink, or pry on belt as damage may occur. A. Start at intermediate cam sprocket and work counterclockwise. B. Make sure the belt is installed in direction of rotation. C. Engage teeth into all sprockets, place rubber hose behind belt at intermediate sprocket and accumulate slack at tensioner location. 6. Tensioner pulley to mounting base. A Use flat magnet, tape or cup plug to hold pivot tube in pulley during this step. Otherwise, pivot tube may fall out. A After starting pivot bolt, rotate arm counterclockwise to position square lug at 6 o’clock

1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T TIMING BELT & BALANCE SHAFT BELT Removal


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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove engine undercover. Place wooden block between jack and oil pan, and raise engine slightly. Remove engine mount assembly near timing belt cover. 2. Remove clamp for power steering return hose near timing belt cover. Remove all drive belts and tensioner pulley bracket. See Fig. 1 . Remove power steering and water pump pulleys. Rotate crankshaft clockwise so that No. 1 cylinder is at TDC of compression stroke. Remove crankshaft pulley. CAUTION: DO NOT rotate crankshaft counterclockwise. Ensure timing marks are aligned. If reusing timing belts, mark timing belts for direction of rotation. 3. Remove upper timing belt cover and gasket. Remove stub bolt of engine support bracket, and remove center timing belt cover. Remove lower timing belt cover. NOTE: Camshaft sprocket dowel pins will be in 12 o’clock position when timing marks are correctly aligned. 4. Ensure camshaft, crankshaft and oil pump sprocket timing marks are aligned. See Fig. 2 or Fig. 3 . Loosen tensioner pulley center bolt. Move tensioner to relieve timing belt tension. Remove timing belt. Remove timing belt auto tensioner. See Fig. 1 . 5. Remove plug from left side of cylinder block. Install a .31″ (8.0 mm) diameter Phillips screwdriver into the hole against balance shaft. See Fig. 4 . Screwdriver must go in at least 2.36″ (60 mm) or more. If screwdriver will only go in about .79-.98″ (20-25 mm) before striking balance shaft, turn sprocket one revolution and align timing mark. Keep screwdriver in place until timing belt is installed. This ensures balance shaft driven by oil pump sprocket remains in correct position. 6. To remove timing belt “B” (balance shaft belt), hold crankshaft sprocket stationary with a spanner wrench. Remove crankshaft sprocket bolt. Using gear puller, remove outer crankshaft sprocket. 7. Remove crankshaft sensing blade (if equipped). See Fig. 5 . Loosen timing belt “B” tensioner bolt. If reusing timing belt “B”, mark direction of belt rotation for reassembly reference. Remove timing belt “B”.



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Removal 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disconnect intake air temperature sensor connector from intake air duct. Disconnect the air intake tube from the throttle body. Disconnect the breather tube from the valve cover. Remove the air filter housing. 2. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove right front wheel. Remove right front splash shield from wheelwell. Remove serpentine accessory drive belt. 3. Remove crankshaft pulley bolts. It is NOT necessary to remove crankshaft sprocket center bolt. Remove crankshaft pulley. Lower vehicle. 4. Support engine assembly from above with Support Fixture (J-28467-B). See Fig. 1 . Remove engine mount bracket from timing belt end of engine. See Fig. 2 . 5. Remove front timing belt cover. Using crankshaft center bolt, rotate crankshaft one full turn clockwise (as viewed from timing belt end of engine). 6. Align mark on crankshaft sprocket with notch at bottom of rear timing belt cover. See Fig. 3 . Align camshaft sprocket timing marks with notches on valve cover. See Fig. 4 . CAUTION: Engine damage could result if camshaft sprockets are not properly aligned with notches on valve cover. 7. Loosen the automatic tensioner bolt. Use an Allen wrench to rotate tensioner and relieve tension on timing belt. See Fig. 5 . Remove timing belt. Installation 1. Ensure crankshaft and camshaft timing timing marks are still aligned. Install the timing belt. See Fig. 6 . Turn the timing belt tensioner clockwise to tension the timing belt. Turn tensioner until the pointer aligns with the notch on the rear timing belt cover. Tighten automatic tensioner bolt. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . 2. Using crankshaft center bolt, turn crankshaft clockwise (as viewed from timing belt end of engine) 2 full revolutions. Ensure timing belt tensioner pointer is still aligned with notch. 3. If timing belt tensioner is correctly aligned, install timing belt cover. Install the engine mount bracket on the timing belt end of engine. Install crankshaft pulley. Install serpentine accessory drive belt. Install right front splash shield. Install right front wheel. 4. Install air filter housing. Connect air intake temperature sensor connector. Connect negative battery cable.