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Ford Ranger, Mazda Pick-up Truck Repair & Service Manual 1993-2005


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repair and service manual covers Ford Ranger pick-up trucks, all models 2WD & 4WD, 1993 thru 2005. Also includes 1994 thru 2005 Mazda B2300, B2500, B3000, and B4000 pick-up trucks, with gasoline engines.
What’s Inside
* Introduction: Vehicle identification numbers; Buying parts; Maintenance techniques, and more.
* Tune-up and routine maintenance
* Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) 4-cylinder engine
* Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) 4-cylinder engine
* 3.0L V6 engine
* 4.0L pushrod V6 engine
* 4.0L SOHC V6 engine
* Engine and overhaul procedures
* Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
* Fuel and exhaust systems
* Engine electrical systems
* Emissions control systems
* Transmission (Manual and Automatic)
* Transfer case
* Clutch and drivetrain
* Brakes
* Suspension and steering systems
* Body
* Chassis electrical system
* Wiring diagrams

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1988 Mazda Truck B Series Truck Timing Belt Removal and Installation


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1. Align the timing mark on the timing belt pulley and camshaft pulley with the marks. 2. Remove all the spark plugs.
NOTE: This is to prevent compression while rotating the timing belt. 3. This procedure must be used to install the timing belt. (1) Install the timing belt tensioner and spring. (2) Position the timing belt tensioner all the way to the intake side, and temporarily
secure it by tightening the lock bolt. Install the timing belt on the crankshaft
pulley and the camshaft pulley from the tension side (the right side as viewed from
the front of the engine) so that tension is retained.

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Toyota Truck and Land Cruiser Owners Bible


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A Hands-on Guide To Getting The Most From Your Toyota.
The Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owner’s Bible(tm) is the authoritative companion book for your Toyota truck, whether it’s a heavy hauling pickup, rugged off-road FJ40, or a new Land Cruiser that»s never left pavement.
Author, veteran truck mechanic and off-road expert Moses Ludel has written the only comprehensive source of information for Toyota Trucks and Land Cruisers-a history, buyer»s guide, service manual, and high-performance tuning book all in one! Discover every aspect of Toyota trucks, from their origins in 1958 to the latest technological advances.

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Chevrolet Car Truck Shop Service Manual


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Covers 1941 Chevrolet Special, Master Deluxe, 1/2 ton truck, 3/4 ton truck, 1 1/2 ton truck
* Covers the Body, Chassis, Electrical, Engine, Drive-train, Transmission, etc
* Includes wiring diagrams
* Text & illustration to help in diagnosis, disassembly, repair, installation, assembly, etc

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1981-1996 ISUZU Amigo/ Pick-ups/ Rodeo/ Trooper Door Panels REMOVAL & INSTALLATION


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Fig. Fig. 1: Door panel assembly-early model Pick-up shown (other early models similar) Fig. Fig. 2: Door and panel assembly-later model Pick-up shown (other late models similar) Fig. Fig. 3: Door panel assembly-1995-96 Trooper Fig. Fig. 4: On Hombre models, if equipped, remove the accessory switch mounting plate Fig. Fig. 5: Hombre door handle trim panel and retainer screw Fig. Fig. 6: Hombre door panel assembly Fig. Fig. 7: Remove the retainer screws from the bottom of the armrest-1986 Trooper shown Fig. Fig. 8: With the screws removed from the armrest, detach the armrest from the door panel Fig. Fig. 9: If equipped with an ashtray, remove the ashtray … Fig. Fig. 10: … and remove the retainer screws securing the ashtray holder assembly Fig. Fig. 11: Remove the ashtray holder from the panel and place aside Fig. Fig. 12: Remove the door handle trim panel retainer screw Fig. Fig. 13: Use a suitable window crank removal tool between the crank and door panel … Fig. Fig. 14: … to separate the crank from the window regulator stud Fig. Fig. 15: Insert the crank arm clip to the crank, and remove the washer, then place the pieces aside Fig. Fig. 16: After removing the door panel, inspect the panel clip mounting holes for any clips which may have been left behind

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