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Citroen Manual Service Reset – Berlingo 1999 – 2002


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Citroen 4 Dispatch/Jumpy
1. Switch ignition OFF.
2. Press and hold button A.
3. Switch ignition ON.
4. Keep button depressed for 10 seconds.
The display will now read ‘0’ and the spanner icon will extinguish

2004-2008 Citroen C5 Facelift condensers interchangeable


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Information The condenser fitted to the new Citroen C5 2008>, with technical reference code CA1542, measures 3mm less in width to 817824 (CA1458). Valeo Service can confirm that both condensers are interchangeable. 817824 reference is maintained but technical code CA1458 is replaced by CA1542. New application for 817824 – Citroen New C5 2008 on. The cause of the failure is incorrectly diagnosed as a collapsed/failed bearing, however the real cause of the bearing failure is due to thermal damage caused by a preload fault. When the diaphragm fingers are worn to excess and the bearing face does not have a contact point on the diaphragm fingers, the outer race of the bearing will contact the fingers. This causes the outer race of the bearing to turn, resulting in the carrier becoming hot and subsequently melting. (Image 2). Image 2 Contact with the fingers is made at this point, resulting in thermal bluing. Outer race will turn causing carrier to become hot and subsequently melt. The rear of the bearing will also display evidence of a heavy contact from the release fork seating pads. Heavy impressions can clearly be seen at the point the bearing locates onto the fork. (Image 3) Image 3 Heavy/deep impression from fork pads.

2001-2004 Citroen C5 PSA Diesel Additive (FAP) system reset


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On many PSA models fitted with the Hdi (common rail) engine it is necessary to service the particulate filter (FAP) system every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. This will be indicated via the instrument cluster in the form of a ‘Particulate’ system warning. The following components make up the FAP system: Control module (normally located in the cabin) Particulate filter (part of the exhaust system) Fluid reservoir (Integrated in the fuel tank) Pump Injector The FAP system was introduced on PSA vehicles back in the year 2000 when it was developed to reduce diesel particulate levels in engine emissions through filtration. The system operates by burning off particles caught in the filter which make up part of the exhaust system. To enable this ‘burning off’ process the exhaust gas temperature must be raised to approximately 500°C, this is achieved by changing the characteristics of the diesel before combustion by the means of an additive. The additive is held in a separate fuel reservoir (approx 5 litres) which is connected via a pump to an injector fitted into the diesel fuel system (normally in the fuel tank). A proportional amount of additive is injected under the control of the FAP ECU when the diesel tank is filled up, for this to be accurate the system needs to have information from the ‘Fuel level’ sensor to determine what quantity to inject. When the ‘Particulate’ warning lamp is displayed it is essential to diagnose the FAP system first to determine the problem. If the fault describes ‘Fluid level low’ or ‘Filter blocked’ then both areas need to addressed simultaneously as it is normal to find that when the reservoir is empty (approx 5L) then the filter has come to the end of its serviceable life. Please check specific Peugeot / Citroen information for service intervals and capacities,

Service Light Reset – Citroen Saxo


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Service Light Reset – Citroen Saxo (1999 on)
Using button located at the left hand side of speedometer:
? Switch the ignition off.
? Press and hold button
? Switch on the ignition.
? Keep the button depressed for 10 seconds.
? The “spanner” symbol will go out and the display read 0

1993-1998 Citroen Xantia 2,0 Component Locations Layout


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Heater blower speed resistor Inertia fuel shut off switch Inertia fuel shut off switch – Diesel Interior lamp delay relay Outside air temperature sensor Seat adjustment relay, driver’s side Seat adjustment relay, passenger’s side Steering position sensor Sunroof motor Suspension adjustment valve block, rear Suspension control module Suspension G-force sensor Suspension ride height sensor, front Suspension ride height sensor, rear Vehicle speed sensor Air conditioning air temperature control module (-1994MY) Air conditioning condenser blower motor control module Air conditioning control module Air conditioning control module (1995MY-) Air conditioning refrigerant pressure switch Airbag control module (in steering wheel) Alarm system control module Central locking control module Central locking signal control module Coded keypad Compact disc interface Cruise control actuator valve Cruise control module Cruise control vacuum pump Diagnostic link Door mirror adjustment control module Electric windows control module, right front Engine control module relay 1 Engine control module relay 2 Engine coolant blower motor relay 1