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1. Disconnect vacuum hose at speed control servo and install a vacuum gauge into the disconnected hose. 2. Start engine and observe gauge at idle. Vacuum gauge should read at least ten inches of mercury. 3. If vacuum is less than ten inches of mercury, determine source of leak. Check vacuum line to engine for leaks. Also check actual engine intake manifold vacuum. If manifold vacuum does not meet this requirement, check for poor engine performance and repair as necessary. 4. If vacuum line to engine is not leaking, check for leak at vacuum reservoir. To locate and gain access to reservoir, refer to Vacuum Reservoir REMOVAL /INSTALLATION . Disconnect vacuum line at reservoir and connect a hand-operated vacuum pump to reservoir fitting. Apply vacuum. Reservoir vacuum should not bleed off. If vacuum is being lost, replace reservoir. 5. Verify operation of one-way check valve and check it for leaks. a. Locate one-way check valve. The valve is located in vacuum line between vacuum reservoir and engine vacuum source. Disconnect vacuum hoses (lines) at each end of valve. b. Connect a hand-operated vacuum pump to reservoir end of check valve. Apply vacuum. Vacuum should not bleed off. If vacuum is being lost, replace one-way check valve. c. Connect a hand-operated vacuum pump to vacuum source end of check valve. Apply vacuum. Vacuum should flow through valve. If vacuum is not flowing, replace one-way check valve. Seal the fitting at opposite end of valve with a finger and apply vacuum. If vacuum will not hold, diaphragm within check valve has ruptured. Replace valve.

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2005 Chevrolet Malibu Vacuum Brake Booster Check Valve and/or Hose Replacement Removal Procedure


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1. Disconnect the brake booster vacuum check valve (1) from the brake booster. 2. If the vacuum check valve (1) needs to be separated from the vacuum hose (3), release and reposition the clamp (2) on the vacuum hose (3) and remove the check valve (1) from the hose (3). 3. If replacing the vacuum check valve (1), remove the grommet (4) from the brake booster and discard the grommet. 4. If removing the vacuum hose (2), take note of the vacuum hose routing then disconnect from the engine intake manifold connection (3) by releasing tension on the vacuum hose clamp (1) and sliding the vacuum hose (2) off the intake manifold connection (3). Installation Procedure Important: A small amount of denatured alcohol can be used as an assembly aid when installing the vacuum check valve and/or grommet. Do NOT use soap. 1. If the vacuum hose (2) was removed, install the vacuum hose into position on the vehicle as noted prior to removal, then connect the vacuum hose (2) to the engine intake manifold connection (3) and secure with the vacuum hose clamp (1). 2. If the vacuum check valve (1) is being replaced, install a NEW grommet (4) to the brake booster. 3. If the vacuum check valve (1) was separated from the vacuum hose (3), install the check valve (1) to the vacuum hose (3). Install and secure the clamp (2) into position on the hose (3). 4. Connect the brake booster vacuum check valve (1) to the brake booster.

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Mitsubishi Mighty-Max, Montero Repair & Service Manual 1983-1995


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repair and maintenance manual covers all US and Canadian models of Mitsubishi Mighty-Max, Montero and Pick-up, 2WD and 4WD with gasoline and diesel engines, 1983 to 1995.
What’s Inside?
Introduction: About this manual | Introduction | Vehicle identification numbers | Maintenance techniques, tools and working facilities | Buying parts | Jacking and towing | Booster battery (jump) starting | Conversion factors | Automotive chemicals and lubricants | Safety first! | Troubleshooting
* Tune-up and routine maintenance
* Engine and overhaul procedures
* Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
* Fuel and exhaust systems
* Engine electrical systems
* Emissions control systems
* Transmission
* Brakes
* Suspension and steering systems
* Body
* Chassis electrical system
* Wiring diagrams

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2002-2003 Saturn VUE (Retorque Intake Manifold Vacuum Chamber Bolts, Install Vacuum Chamber Springs)


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Condition Some customers may comment on the (MIL) SERVICE ENGINE SOON telltale being illuminated. (DTC(s) P0171 – Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 1 and/or DTC P0174 – Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 2 may be set and stored in the ECM memory.) Cause This condition may be caused by insufficient torque on the intake manifold vacuum chamber bolts. Under deceleration, enough vacuum can be created inside the intake manifold to lift the vacuum chamber off it’s seal creating an intermittent vacuum leak. Correction Refer to the service procedure in this bulletin to retorque the intake manifold vacuum chamber bolts and install the vacuum chamber springs. Procedure: Notice: When servicing intake manifold, do not use power tools. Damage to threads or manifold may occur. 1. Loosen clamp at air cleaner assembly and throttle body assembly. 2. Remove attachment bolts from outlet resonator/duct assembly.

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Mitsubishi Shogun/ Mitsubishi Pajero/ Mitsubishi Montero (1991-2000) 2,8D Turbo Valve timing procedures


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Valve timing procedures Valve timing procedures Ensure crankshaft at TDC on No.1 cylinder. Ensure crankshaft pulley timing mark aligned with 0° timing mark on chain cover [1]. Ensure notch on camshaft points upwards [2]. If notch not visible, turn crankshaft one more turn. Install timing gears as follows: Ensure crankshaft gear and intermediate shaft gear timing marks aligned [3]. Install LH balancer shaft [4]. Ensure timing marks on intermediate shaft gears and LH balancer shaft gear aligned [5] & [6]. Ensure RH balancer shaft gear and oil pump gear timing marks aligned [7]. Install oil pump housing complete with RH balancer shaft. Ensure timing marks on oil pump gear and crankshaft gear aligned [8]. Install injection pump as follows [9] : Ensure notch on injection pump gear aligned with mark ‘T’ on flange [10]. During installation of injection pump: Notch on gear moves in direction of arrow. Install timing chain as follows:

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