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1996-1997 Mazda 626/MX-6 with 4 cylinder (I-4) engines MIL ILLUMINATION AND DTC P0400


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The Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) may illuminate and DTC P0400 or P1195 may be stored in memory. This concern may be caused by any one of the following conditions: Mis-routed, twisted or kinked vacuum lines Swapped Pressure Regulator Control (PRC) and EGR Boost Sensor solenoid connectors. Defective EGR Boost Sensor PCM MIL misjudgment (1996 model with MTX) Customers complaining of this concern should have the vehicle inspected according to this bulletin and if necessary, repair. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Verify that all vacuum lines are properly routed, not kinked or twisted. 2. Locate the PRC and EGR boost sensor solenoid valves on the right side of the intake manifold. Refer to F1-3 (MTX) or F3-3 (ATX) of the 1996 workshop manual for solenoid location. Figure 1 3. Verify correct connector placement at the PRC and EGR Boost Sensor solenoid. If the connectors are not in the proper position, correct their placement and proceed to step 9. If the connectors are in the proper position, proceed to step 4. NOTE: The color of each connector varies with each powertrain. The PRC connector is the top connector and is BLACK or WHITE. The EGR boost sensor solenoid connector is the bottom connector and is ORANGE. 4. Inspect the EGR boost sensor. Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Measure the voltage between the signal wires (refer to table below) from the rear side of the connector.