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1999 Plymouth Truck Voyager Horn Will Not Sound


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Check horn fuse 6 in the Power Distribution Center and fuse 7 in the Junction Block. If fuse is blown refer to FUSE BLOWN. If fuse is OK, refer to FUSE OK. Fuse Blown 1. Verify condition of battery terminals and voltage, refer to Battery If battery connections and battery charge is OK proceed to Step 2. . Using a voltmeter, test for battery voltage at both sides of horn fuse 7. If voltage is
OK, on both sides of fuse, proceed to Fuse OK. If voltage is OK, on one side of fuse, the fuse is blown, proceed to Step 3. 3. Using a suitable ammeter in place of the fuse, test amperage draw of the horn circuit. If amperage draw is greater than 20 amps without the horn switch depressed, a grounded circuit exists between the fuse and the horn relay Proceed to Step 4. If amperage draw is greater than 20 amps with the horn switch depressed, a grounded circuit exists between the horn relay and the horn. Proceed to step Step 5. 4. Remove the horn relay from the Junction Block. If the amperage draw drops to 0 amps , the horn switch or circuit is shorted. If the amperage draw does not drop to 0 amps , repair short at the Junction Block.

1993 Mercedes Benz 300E 4Matic Fuse and Relay Block Identification and Location


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The fuse/relay box is located in the left side of the engine compartment. Relay and Control Unit Locations Fuse Box and Fuse Location (Fuses 1 – 4) Fuse Box and Fuse Location (Fuses G, H, F10, F15, F22, F22/1,
F22/2) Fuse Box and Fuse Location (Fuses F24 & F24/1)

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1998 Jaguar XJ8 L Left & Right Heelboard Relay & Fuse Boxes


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To remove the heelboard relay and fuse box trim panels, turn the fastener 90 degrees and pull the trim panel forwards. See Fig. 7 . When reinstalling heelboard relay and fuse box trim panels, insert the top of the trim panel under the rear seat pan and push the bottom of the trim panel until it is fully seated. Insert the fastener and turn 90 degrees to secure the trim panel. For left heelboard relay and fuse box fuse identification, see Fig. 8 . For right heelboard relay and fuse box fuse identification, see Fig. 9 .



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Electrical components are protected against shorts by fuses. Main fuse box is located in left kick panel next to park brake pedal. Fuse application information is located on fuse box cover. An underhood fuse and fusible link box is located next to battery. Relay boxes are located next to battery and on right side of engine compartment.



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The fuse box is located under the dashboard to the left of the steering column. The underhood fuse panel (if equipped) is located beside the battery. The circuits protected by each fuse are listed on the plastic sheet inside the cover. FUSE PANEL IDENTIFICATION (1986-89) 1 – 15 Amp Charge Warning Light, Voltage Regulator, Cooling Fan Timer Control Unit, Fuel Cut-off Relay, Speed Sensor, PGM-FI Main Relay, Fuel Pump, Control Solenoid Valves, Emission Control Unit, Speed Sensor (Automatic Seat Belts, 1988-89) ? 2 – 10 Amp Safety Indicator, Shift Lever Position Indicator, Clock & Gauges, Tachometer, Back-Up Lights, Turn Signal Relay & Lights, Integrated Control Unit, Warning Lights, Cruise Control Indicator, Light Dimming Circuit, Automatic Seat Belt Control Unit, Shift Lock Solenoid (1989) 3 – 20 Amp Wiper Motors, Washer Motors, Intermittent Wiper Relay, Sun Roof Relays,Power Window Relay 4 – 7.5 Amp Cruise Control Unit, Cruise Control Indicator Light 5 – 10 Amp Rear Window Defogger Relay, Rear Window Defogger Indicator Light, Heater Control Amplifier, Fan Motor, A/C Compressor Clutch & Relay, A/C Delay Unit, Heater Control Panel 6 – 10 Amp Right Headlight Low Beam 7 – 10 Amp Left Headlight Low Beam 8 – 15 Amp Left Headlight High Beam 9 – 15 Amp Right Headlight High Beam, High Beam Indicator Light 10 – 7.5 Amp Brake Warning Bulb Check Circuit, PGM-FI ECU, PGM-FI Main Relay, Emission Control Unit 11 – 15 Amp Headlight Retractor Control Unit (Up) 12 – 15 Amp Power Door Mirrors, EFE Heater Unit, Radiator Fan Relay, Cooling Fan Timer Unit 13 – 10 Amp Power Antenna Motor, Stereo Radio/Cassette Player, Power Amplifier (SEi Model) 14 – 15 Amp Vanity Mirror Light, License Plate Lights, Taillights, Rear Side Marker Lights, Dash Light Brightness Control Unit, Cigarette Lighter Illumination, Ashtray Light, Headlight Retractor Control Unit (Light-On), Dash & Switch Lights 15 – UNDERHOOD FUSE PANEL IDENTIFICATION (1986-89)