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Renault Espace is a large MPV from French car-maker Renault since 1984. The following repair manual, workshop and service guide apply for Renault Espace JE0A05, JE0A02, JE0E05, SE0E05, JE0J05, JE0D02 vehicle type (F3R 728, F3R 729, G8T 716, G8T 718, and 27X 775 engine series). The program contains the detailed and full description of repair and diagnostics of all units of the automobile, including detailed electric schemes. Assembly and disassembly repair and overhauling of the engine and other units, car body sizes for an exact repair. Detailed repair and overhauling information for automatic and manual transmission, suspension alignment, steering management, air conditioning, all electric components, the necessary special tools, and other information

FORD: 2001-2005 Taurus 2001-2006 Escape MERCURY: 2001-2005 Sable 2005-2006 Mariner


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ISSUE Some 2001-2005 Taurus/Sable, 2001-2006 Escape and 2005-2006 Mariner vehicles built prior to
1-17-2006 equipped with the 3.0L 4V Duratec engine may exhibit a ticking noise from the left bank cylinder head, with the engine at normal operating temperature only.
ACTION To diagnose, with the engine running and warm (normal operation temperature), using a mechanic’s stethoscope determine if the ticking noise is coming from the left hand intake camshaft at cylinder number 6, (Figure 1). If the ticking noise can be verified, refer to the following Service Procedure.

2001-2005 Renault Laguna II 1,9D dCi Fuse box Layout Diagram


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Battery – Battery + Door function control module, driver Door function control module, passenger Door mirror adjustment motor, driver Door mirror adjustment motor, passenger Door mirror adjustment switch Earth point location 10 Earth point location 4 Earth point location 5 Earth point location 9 Electric window motor, driver Electric window motor, passenger Electric window switch, driver’s door Electric window switch, passenger door Fuse Fuse box/relay plate, engine bay Fuse box/relay plate, fascia 1 Ignition main circuits relay Ignition switch – ignition ON Multifunction control module Shorting link connector NOTE: In certain diagrams (Citroen, Peugeot & Renault), colour codes are replaced by numbers which are used to identify a particular cable and not the colour. In this instance, the cables will be numbered at each end close to the harness connector.

Renault Laguna II (2001-2005) how to • Remove the front bumper • Replace the headlights • Fix Problems with the Xenon Headlights


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Tools you need: • Torx T-20 • Socket wrench size M10 • Small screwdriver • Chalk or pencil (if you want to put some marks on the bodykit to fix it exactly as it was) • A bucket to store the washer fluid (remember: it might be upto 6.5 liters!) • Old soft blankets, wood blocks or a friend to lend a helping hand to avoid scratches to the bumper pain Removing the bumper • Open the bonnet and you will see first it is necessary to remove the front plastic grill. Remove the front grill by removing the black plastic clips inside the engine bay. Show below left. Do this by turning them ? turn left and then lift up by the centre If you have fog lamps you can disconnect the wires. If you have Xenon lamps you have a headlight cleaning unit, disconnect the hose from the bumper, have the bucket close to hand to catch the washer fluid as it empties. • Now the bumper should be successfully be removed

2000-2001 Buick LeSabre Steering Vibration/ SHudder During Parking Manuever


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Steering Vibration/Shudder/Moan During Parking Maneuvers on Dry Pavement (Install Power Steering Pressure (Inlet) and/or Return (Outlet) Hose Assembly) 1995-99 Buick Riviera 1997-2001 Buick Park Avenue, Ultra 2000-2001 Buick LeSabre 2000-2001 Pontiac Bonneville steering vibration, shudder or moan noise when steering during parking maneuvers on dry pavement. Correction Install a new power steering pressure (inlet) hose assembly on the following vehicles: • 1995-98 Buick Riviera • 1997-98 Buick Park Avenue and Ultra Install a new power steering pressure (inlet) and return (outlet) hose assembly on the following vehicles: • 1999 Buick Riviera • 1999-2001 Buick Park Avenue and Ultra • 2000-2001 Buick LeSabre • 2000-2001 Pontiac Bonneville 1. Verify that the power steering pump reservoir is full. • If fluid level is low, fill and check for leaks. • If power steering system has air in the system, perform the “Bleeding Air from Power Steering System” procedure as described in the Power Steering System sub-section of the Service Manual. Important: When performing the “Bleeding Air from Power Steering System” procedure, it is important that the front of the vehicle is supported by the lower control arms. If the vehicle is not supported by the lower control arms, the procedure may cause the strut bushing to dislocate and cause new concern. Verify that the accessory drive belt is in good condition and that the pulleys are not bent or damaged. Verify proper belt tension and operation of the belt tensioner. Check for power steering hose ground out conditions. Check for good engine idle and correct engine RPM. Check to see that the rear transaxle mount does not have a plastic assembly aid installed which is used 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.