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Volkswagen Rabbit, GTI (A5) Service Manual: 2006-2009


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Volkswagen Rabbit, GTI Service Manual: 2006-2009 is a comprehensive source of service information and specifications for Rabbit and GTI models built on the A5 platform from 2006 to 2009
Engines covered
* 2.0L FSI turbo gasoline (engine code: BPY, CBFA, CCTA)
* 2.5L gasoline (engine code: BGP, BGQ, CBTA, CBUA)
Transmissions covered
* 0A4 5-speed manual
* 02Q 6-speed manual
* 09G 6-speed automatic
* 02E 6-speed DSG
Wiring schematics with fuse/relay locations and easy-to-use illustrated component locator section. Includes R32 wiring diagrams.
* Volkswagen OBD II diagnostic trouble codes, SAE-defined OBD II P-codes, as well as basic scan tool operation.
* Comprehensive Volkswagen factory tolerances, wear limits, adjustments, and tightening torques.