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Toyota Celica-Supra 1986-1990 Repair Manual


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Toyota Celica-Supra 1986-1990 Repair Manual provides service, repair and maintenance information for 1986-90 Toyota Celica and Supra vehicles.

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WARNING: Deactivate air bag system before performing any service operation. For 1995 Supra, see AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM, for 1996 Supra, see AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article in ACCESSORIES & EQUIPMENT. DESCRIPTION & OPERATION Supra uses Nippondenso 4-brush, solenoid-actuated, reduction gear type starters, equipped with over-running clutches. The brush holder assembly retains 4 brushes and springs in the starter housing. Reduction gear type starters contain an integral solenoid attached to drive housing, a reduction idler gear and bearing installed into starter housing, and a clutch drive assembly. The clutch drive assembly is mounted to starter housing and is driven by the reduction idler gear from armature shaft. The brush holder assembly retains 4 brushes and 4 springs in the end cover of field frame housing. Planetary gear type starters contain a clutch pinion drive assembly mounted in-line with armature shaft. The clutch pinion drive assembly is mounted onto drive end of planetary gear carrier shaft which is driven by armature shaft. The planetary gears increase torque from armature to turn clutch pinion drive assembly.

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Toyota SUPRA Service Manual Sports Car 1986-1998


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Toyota SUPRA Sports Car Service Manual
From 1986-1998
Toyota SUPRA Turbo Non Turbo MKIII MKIV Service Manual

Exploded View Of Disc Brake Assembly 1989 Celica w/AWD


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Fig. 14 Exploded View Of Disc Brake Assembly 5 Exploded View Of Disc Brake Assembly. 1989 Celica w/AWD 16 Exploded View Of Disc Brake Assembly. 1990 Celica NOTE: If a squealing noise occurs from the front brakes while driving, check the pad
wear indicator. If there are traces of the indicator contacting the rotor disc, the brake pad
should be replaced.
z Remove front wheel
z Temporarily fasten the rotor disc with the hub nuts.
z Inspect pad lining thickness

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In some cases, owners of 2000 – 2002 model year Celica GTS vehicles equipped with the 2ZZ–GE engine may complain of an intermittent slight loss of power and/or variable lift function at engine speeds over 6,000 rpm under high load. This can be caused if the bolt securing the rocker shaft separates, allowing the shaft to rotate in its bore. This rotation, when it occurs, can cause misalignment of the oil feed passages to the rocker shafts, resulting in a lack of variable lift operation and low power at higher engine rpm. Repair Procedure 1. Remove Valve Cover A. Disconnect the negative and then the positive battery terminals. B. Remove the battery tie–down bracket and battery. C. Remove the 4 bolts and No. 2 cylinder head cover. (Figure 1.) D. Remove the ignition coils. (Figure 2.) E. Remove the wiring harness and protector from cylinder head cover. (Figure 3.) F. Disconnect the 2 PCV hoses from the cylinder head cover. (Figure 4.) G. Remove drive belt. a. Turn the drive belt tensioner slowly clockwise and loosen it. Then, remove the drive belt and replace the drive belt tensioner slowly and carefully. (Figure 5.) H. Remove the 2 nuts, 1 bolt and disconnect the No. 3 ventilation hose from the No. 1 ventilation pipe. (Figure 6.) I. Remove the No. 1 ventilation pipe and gasket. J. Remove the 9 bolts, pull back the wire harness protector, and remove the cylinder head cover and gasket. (Figure 7.) K. Remove the O–ring from the cylinder head cover oil supply pipe. (Figure 8.) 2. Set No. 1 cylinder to TDC/compression. A. Turn the crankshaft pulley, and align its groove with timing mark “0” of the timing chain cover. (Figure 9.) B. Check that the point marks of the camshaft timing sprockets are in a straight line on the timing chain cover surface with the exhaust cam dot set one tooth above as shown in Figure 10. If not, turn the crankshaft one revolution (360°) and align the marks as explained above.