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1995 Ford Thunderbird Antilock Brakes / Traction Control Systems: Testing and Inspection Displaying and Reading Trouble Codes


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NOTE: Ford DOES NOT provide procedures to retrieve or clear trouble codes without the Super Star II tester. The anti-lock brake/traction assist system has on-board diagnostic capabilities. However, the module as received from manufacturing is equipped with a stored error code (61). This will affect the service procedure. The error codes can be retrieved from the ABS module in the following manner. 1. 2. 3. 4. Connect Super STAR II tester to connector located in engine compartment on the power distribution box. Turn on Super STAR II tester and latch button down in TEST position. Turn ignition switch to RUN position. Read first code output. After approximately 15 seconds, the next code will be output. Leave button latched until all codes are output. NOTE: Make sure that all codes are written down. 5. The diagnostic procedure should be as follows provided that the CHECK ANTI-LOCK BRAKE indicator stays on all the time or flashes intermittently. NOTE: If the BRAKE warning indicator is on or intermittently comes on, refer to the Warning Indicator Symptom Chart. NOTE: If there are more codes stored in the anti-lock brake control module memory, no codes will erase until all codes have been output by the Super STAR II tester, all malfunctions have been serviced and the vehicle is driven about 40 km/h (25 mph). This means that if a 20s code originally existed and was serviced, it can be ignored when running the on-board diagnostic the second time. If the first code received is 18, 19 or in the 20s and no other code is received, service the indicated component. No other codes can be output if a 20s code exists. After servicing the indicated 18, 19, or 20s code, repeat the procedure for retrieving error codes. 6. If a code 61 is received with any other code, ignore the code 61 and service the other indicated components. If, after correcting all other indicated malfunctions, the CHECK ANTI-LOCK BRAKE indicator is still on, service the Fluid Level Switch (FLS) circuit. 7. If a code 61 is received and no other codes are received, service the FLS circuit. 8. If no code, or only a code 10 is received, use the Anti-Lock Quick Check Sheet since some possibilities are not recognized and retained in the anti-lock brake control module memory. See: Trouble Code Descriptions/Quick Check Sheet 9. When dealing with intermittent ABS warning light ON concern, make certain to visually inspect all wiring related to the component associated with the code received.

OPEL IMMO Reader serve to read immo code on OPEL cars


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1. Connects via USB to PC
2. Immo1 & Immo2 supported up to year 2004
3. Read Login code
4. Programm new keys
5. Read and erase error codes of IMMO
Reading of PIN for immo1 works only if pin code already have been entered sometimes before
Reading of PIN code for immo2 is not possible by OBD

1996-2000 Chevrolet Express Van Information on Error Codes on Radio Display – Their Cause and Corrective Action


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Starting in 1995, the family style radios, as well as the 12-disc LLAI and 6-disc LLAI (Low Level Audio Interface) changers and the 10-disc FMI (FM Interface) changers, have error codes to help diagnose playback mediums. Some systems will only have an ERR message and no other indicator. If an ERR message is encountered without any other identifier, you may review the following error codes to try to determine the cause of the error and correct it before sending the unit to the authorized service center. If ERR or E (and a number) appears on a customer’s radio display, the number may give you a clue to the problem and corrective action. Below is a list of code numbers that may appear on the unit. Important: Not all family radios have these codes. They are dependent on the model year. Cassette Errors • E10 or TIGHT TAPE: Tight tape error Cause(s): A restricted cassette tape transport or broken cassette drive belt Correction: Substitute a different cassette tape. If there still is an error code, service the unit at an ACDelco® Service Center. • E11 or BROKEN TAPE: Broken Tape Error Cause(s): A broken cassette tape Correction(s): Substitute a different cassette tape • E12 : Communication Error

Blink Code – Opel/ Vauxhall


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Some control modules don’t have a serial link. To read the fault code, you will have a to use a different method. Bridge pin A and B in the diagnostic connector Turn the ignition on Count flashes in the check engine lamp Translate them using the list below To erase the fault code disconnect the battery for 30 seconds Blink code interpretation The code read out always starts with “Code 12” repeated three times, the fault codes are flashed. All codes are repeated three times, the first digit is flashed with a space of 0.4 seconds, then there is a 1.2 second delay until the second digit is flashed. The delay between codes is 3.2 seconds. The sequence is ended by once again flashing of “Code 12” three times.

1994 Jaguar XJ-12 Computers and Control Systems: Diagnostic Trouble Code


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Code 13 36CU DTC FF13 PCMF MAP SENSOR SIGNAL This DTC looks for a fluctuating vacuum signal during starting and monitors vacuum ‘V’ throttle position when the engine is running. Code 14 36CU DTC FF14 ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE SENSOR (ECTS) CIRCUIT This DTC looks for the ETCS signal voltage out of range or static during engine warm-up. Code 16 36CU DTC FF16 INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR (IATS) CIRCUIT This DTC looks for the IATS out of range. Code 17 3GCU DTC FF17 THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR (TPS) CIRCUIT This DTC looks for the TPS signal voltage out of range. Code 18 36CU DTC FF18 AND FF19 THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR (TPS) CALIBRATION DTC FF18. This DTC looks for low TPS signal voltage at high load (MAP). DTC FF19. This DTC looks for high TPS signal voltage at low load (MAP). 36CU DTC FF18 AND FF19 THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR (TPS) CALIBRATION DTC FF18. This DTC looks for low TPS signal voltage at high load (MAP). DTC FF19. This DTC looks for high TPS signal voltage at low load (MAP).