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1994 Toyota Camry DX TOYOTA’ ’2.2L 4-Cylinder – Gasoline TIMING BELT REMOVAL & INSTALLATION


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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Raise and support vehicle. Remove lower engine cover. On Celica and Camry, remove right front wheel. On all models, lower vehicle. 2. On MR2, remove right hood side panel and cruise control actuator. Remove right rear wheel. On Celica and Camry, remove alternator from engine and secure out of way. On Camry, remove coolant reservoir tank if it interferes with timing belt removal. Remove engine control (torque) rod from front of engine. 3. On all models, remove accessory drive belts. Using floor jack, slightly raise engine to remove weight from right (timing belt side) engine mount at timing belt cover.
4. Remove right (timing belt side) engine mount and bracket from front of engine. Remove spark plugs. Remove No. 2 timing belt cover and gaskets. See Fig. 1 . 5. Rotate crankshaft clockwise so cylinder No. 1 is at TDC on compression stroke. Cylinder No. 1 is front cylinder at timing belt end of engine. 6. Ensure timing mark on crankshaft pulley aligns with “0″ mark on No. 1 timing belt cover. Ensure hole in camshaft sprocket aligns with alignment mark on camshaft bearing cap. See Fig. 2 . If hole in camshaft sprocket is not aligned with alignment mark, rotate crankshaft clockwise one full revolution.

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1998 – 1999 Toyota Camry & Toyota Solara inoperative Vapor Pressure Sensor 3 way Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV)


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Introduction Under certain driving conditions, some 1998 – 1999 model year Camry and Solara vehicles may exhibit a M.I.L. “ON” with DTCs P0440, P0441 and P0446 stored due to an inoperative Vapor Pressure Sensor 3 way Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV). An improved Vapor Pressure Sensor VSV has been developed to correct this condition. S 1998 – 1999 model year Camry & Solara vehicles. Applicable Vehicles Parts PREVIOUS PART NUMBER CURRENT PART NUMBER PART NAME QTY Information 90910–12109 90910–12271 Vapor Pressure Sensor VSV 1

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WATER LEAK AT FRONT FLOOR ’02 – ’06 Toyota Camry (TMMK), ’04 – ’06 Toyota Solara Coupe, & ’05 – ’06 Toyota Avalon


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Some customers may experience a water leak at the front floor area. Water may be Introduction entering the body due to a body sealer void on the engine compartment rear wall, near the upper door hinge. Repair 1. Raise the vehicle. On the side of the vehicle that has the water leak, remove the front Procedure wheel and the front fender plastic liner. 2. Examine (with flash light and mirror) the body sealer condition on the engine compartment rear wall, near the upper door hinge. Also examine the sealer condition inside the inner fender box frame structure with access holes (see illustration).

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BMW 5-Series (E34) Repair Manual 525i, 530i, 535i, 540i, Touring 1989-1995


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BMW 5 Series from 1989 to 1995. The aim throughout this manual has been simplicity, clarity and completeness, with practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourself BMW owner, this manual will help you understand, care for and repair your E34 5 Series.

Models and engines covered:
525i (M20 with DME 1.3) 1989-1990
525i (M50 with DME 3.1) 1991-1992
525i (M50TU/VANOS with DME 3.3.1) 1993-1995
530i (M60 with DME 3.3) 1994-1995
535i (M30 with DME 1.3) 1989-1993
540i (M60 with DME 3.3) 1994-1995
Transmissions covered:
Manual (remove, install, external service)
Getrag 260/5 and 260/6
Getrag S5D 250G
Getrag S6S 560G
Automatic (remove, install, external service)
A4S 310R (THM-R1)
ZF A5S 310Z
ZF A5S 560Z

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