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1996-2000 Hyundai Accent/ Hyundai Pony/ Hyundai Excel Trouble code identification


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Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Injector 2 or 3 – circuit malfunction Wiring, injector Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, MAF sensor, ECM Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Wiring, HO2S, mechanical fault, fuel system, fuel Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) – malfunction pressure, ECM AC cooling fan – circuit malfunction Wiring, AC cooling fan Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, ECT sensor, ECM Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAT sensor, ECM

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2004 Hyundai Sonata 2003-2004 Hyundai Santa FE 2004 Kia Optima no spark Problem and Repair


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1. At the crank position sensor, check for battery voltage to be present on the Red wire with the key on and cranking. The Black wire should be a good ground and the Blue wire should have 5 volts on it from the computer. One may have to disconnect the crank sensor to check for the 5 volt reference. 2. During crank look for a good 5 volt square wave signal on the Blue wire. 3. Check at the ignition coils for good battery voltage key on and cranking. If there is a loss of voltage during crank check the ignition failsafe relay. 4. Check for any stored engine codes. Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Ignition Failsafe Sensor The ignition failsafe sensor supplies battery voltage to the ignition coils. The ignition coils can look like they have good battery voltage key on but during crank the ignition failsafe relay can stop sending voltage to the ignition coils.

Installation Manual TWM Performance Shifter Cable Bushing Kit 2001-2006 Hyundai Elantra 2003+ Hyundai Tiburon


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1. Working in the engine bay, use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the 2 screws over the driver’s side headlight and a 10mm
socket with a ratchet and an extension to remove the 10mm bolt holding the splash guard. Remove the splash guard from the engine bay. Loosen the 10mm bolt (shown by the top arrow) holding the top part of the air box to the throttle body inlet and unclip
the 2 clips holding this part of the air box to the bottom part (also shown by two arrows). Remove the top part of the air box and the
air filter as well. 2. Remove the three 10mm bolts at the bottom of the air box using the socket and ratchet with extension. Remove the bottom part of the air box from the engine bay.



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This bulletin supersedes TSB# 05-36-004 to correct the reference number of the TSB for throttle initialization procedure. DESCRIPTION: The 2001-2005 MY XG300/350 and Santa Fe 3.5L incorporate an Electronic Throttle control System (ETS). NOTE: Please see TSB 05-36-002 for a general description of the system, its components and the INITIALIZATION procedure. The list of DTC codes has been modified. This TSB lists and explains the updated Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) related to the ETS system. NOTE: Some diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for 2004-2005 MY Santa Fe 3.5L and 2004-2005 XG350 vehicles have been added and revised. TSB 04-36-013 provides the newly added and revised DTCs in addition to the diagnostic procedures for these DTCs.



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TOYOTA MATRIX The all-new Toyota Matrix comes in three trim levels: Matrix, Matrix S, and Matrix XRS. Aerodynamic multi-reflector halogen headlamps with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), color-keyed door handles, side rocker panels and power outside mirrors, 4-way adjustable front seats with fold-flat passenger seat, 60/40 split fold-down rear bench seat, driver’s seat vertical height adjuster, auxiliary audio jack, Heavy-duty rear window defogger, oil (or scheduled maintenance) indicator light are standards across all trim levels. With five doors, loads of cargo space, multiple interior configurations and available all wheel drive (AWD), Matrix is whatever you want it to be