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2007–2008 Toyota Tundra No Start DTC B2799


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Some customers may experience a crank and “No start” condition accompanied by immobiliser DTC B2799 and/or B2780, B2784, B2796, B2797, B279A. A production change has been made to the Transponder key ECU. Use the following repair procedure to address these customer concerns. Repair Procedure 1. Verify that the vehicle will crank but not start. 2. Perform Health check and look for any immobiliser system DTCs. 3. If there are any immobiliser DTC’s present, test the vehicle using all keys. If the condition is present with all the keys, proceed to step 4. If the problem is isolated to a single key, refer to the repair manual diagnostic chart for the speci?c DTC. 4. Replace transponder key ECU. • 2007 / 2008 Tundra: Vehicle Interior – Theft Deterrent / Keyless Entry – Engine Immobiliser – Transponder Key ECU: “Removal” A. Location of the Transponder Key ECU Assembly is on the Air Conditioning Unit between bulkhead on the left. B. Back side of Air Conditioning Unit, where the Transponder Key ECU Assembly is mounted. C. Remove the Transponder Key ECU Assembly from the Air Conditioning Unit, by sliding the lower half out and moving downwards to release the top. 5. Install new Transponder Key ECU. • 2007 / 2008 Tundra: Vehicle Interior – Theft Deterrent / Keyless Entry – Engine Immobiliser – Transponder Key ECU: “Installation” 6. Connect TIS Techstream and clear all stored DTCs. 7. Verify Proper Operation of Immobilizer System.

Land Rover – ECU resynchronisation


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The Multi-Tester Pro can resynchronise the following replacement ECUs on LandRover vehicles: – • MEMS 1.6 • MEMS 1.9 • EDC Diesel
• Td5 Diesel • Motronic M5.2.1 V8 Petrol • GEMS V8 Petrol • Range Rover body controller (BeCM). When an engine management system is replaced, the new unit must be resynchronised to the immobiliser ECU. 1) Procedure for all except EDC Diesel Robust and non-robust mode On vehicles fitted with an alarm / immobiliser a coded exchange takes place between the immobiliser and the engine ECU when attempting to start the vehicle. If the code sent by the Immobiliser does not match the expected code stored on the engine ECU, the engine will not be allowed to start. This is known as robust mode.

Remote Fob Programming (Plips) – Land Rover Freelander, Defender and Discovery Series


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Use this option to program new Plips (remote button keys) for the vehicle so that they will operate the locks and alarm. All existing Plips will be erased from the Immobiliser memory at this point. You must then press the lock button on the Plip repeatedly until the Horn sounds. This indicates that the Immobiliser has stored the Plip. The Plip code must be read successfully 8 times before it is stored, so it will be necessary to press the lock button at least 8 times before the horn will sound. Repeat this procedure for all Plips to be programmed, and press the ENTER key on the Multi-Tester Pro when finished. N.B. Because all existing Plips are erased at the start of this procedure, you must re-learn any existing Plips that you still wish to use with the vehicle. It is therefore important that you have all the keys for the vehicle to hand before beginning this procedure.

Ford Mondeo Service and Repair Manual


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Models covered All Ford Mondeo models with four-cylinder petrol engines, including special/limited editions 1597 cc, 1796 cc and 1988 cc Does not cover Diesel or V6 engines, or four-wheel-drive models

Introduction to the Ford Mondeo

Introduced in March 1993, the Ford Mondeo models are available in four-door Saloon, five-door Hatchback and five-door Estate configurations. All feature a high standard of equipment, with driver/passenger safety in accidents being a particularly high design priority; all models are fitted with features such as side impact bars in all doors, “anti-submarine” seats combined with “seat belt grabbers” and pre-tensioners, and an airbag fitted to the steering wheel. Vehicle security is enhanced, with an in-built alarm system and engine immobiliser being fitted as standard, as well as double-locking doors with shielded locks, and security-coded audio equipment. The four-cylinder petrol engine is a new design, available in 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 litr


Honda Civic 2000 Owner manual


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download 5 Door Hatch Vi  Sedan GLi
November 2000 Release Date  Driver airbag standard Honda  Make  Passenger airbag optional Civic
Model  Seat belt pretensioners standard 5 Door Hatch, 4 Door Sedan
Body Styles  Transponder engine immobiliser Vi (Hatch), GLi (Sedan) Variants  Front and rear bar removal proce-
1.7 Litre 4 cylinder Engine dures 4 Speed Auto, 5 Speed Man. Transmission  VIN location
MacPherson strut Suspension       (Front)  High volume parts prices (Rear)  Ind. double wish bone  Small medium class vehicle Disc Brakes              (Front)  4 & 5 Door schedules (Rear)  Disc  Cooling system specifications Rack & Pinion Steering NOTE: In the latest Low Speed Crash Test pro-63.5/110 NRMA Theft Rating gram, the cost of repairing the new Civic rose Small Medium
Vehicle Class
crowded, the chassis rail more prone to damage
and the cost of parts relatively high.