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Harman Motive Intake System Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. REMOVE AIRBOX SCOOP – - Remove two plastic body clips with Phillips head screwdriver Gently pull scoop away from airbox 2. REMOVE AIRBOX MAF Sensor – Disconnect MAF sensor plug and loosen hose clamp – - Remove 10mm bolt connecting airbox to bracket Remove entire airbox and MAF assembly by gently pulling up and away from the factory rubber intake pipe Remove BPV (Turbo Bypass Valve) return hose from IC to BPV Remove BPV from rubber intake pipe and completely disconnect BPV vacuum line – - 3. – - – - REMOVE RUBBER INTAKE PIPE FROM TURBO Loosen hose clamp from intake pipe to turbo Remove boost solenoid hose from intake pipe (leave connected to solenoid) Remove crank case vent line (take off completely) Pull intake pipe away 4. REMOVE MAF SENSOR FROM STOCK AIRBOX AND INSTALL TO HARMAN INTAKE PIPE. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PINCH OR DAMAGE THE RUBBER O-RING ON THE MAF SENSOR. Use supplied 4mm bolt with lock washer and washer to attach MAF sensor to intake pipe. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 5. INSTALL 3.00” TO 2.75” SILICONE REDUCER TO TURBO WITH SUPPLIED CLAMP. Small side goes to the turbo. 6. INSTALL HM INTAKE PIPE TO SILICONE REDUCER WITH CLAMP CONNECT MAF SENSOR PLUG TO MAF SENSOR 7. This is the most common problem when installing the intake. Don’t forget to plug in the MAF sensor before turning the ignition. Failure to do so will cause a CEL. 8. INSTALL CONE FILTER USING SUPPLIED HOSE CLAMP 9. INSTALL BPV



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FORD: 1990-1997 THUNDERBIRD 1990-1999 MUSTANG, TAURUS SHO 1991-1999 CROWN VICTORIA, ESCORT, TAURUS 1992-1994 TEMPO 1993-1997 PROBE 1995-1999 CONTOUR 1990 BRONCO II 1990-1997 AEROSTAR 1990-1999 RANGER 1991-1999 EXPLORER 1994-1996 BRONCO 1994-1997 F SUPER DUTY, F-250 HD 1994-1999 ECONOLINE, F-150, F-250 LD, F-350 1995-1999 WINDSTAR 1997-1999 EXPEDITION 1999 F-250 HD, SUPER DUTY F SERIES

MERCURY: 1990-1997 COUGAR 1991-1999 GRAND MARQUIS, SABLE, TRACER 1992-1994 TOPAZ 1995-1999 MYSTIQUE 1997-1999 MOUNTAINEER

This TSB article is a diagnostic procedure to address vehicles that exhibit lean driveability MASS AIR FLOW (MAF) DISCUSSION symptoms and may or may not have any Diagnostic MAF sensors can get contaminated from a variety Trouble Codes (DTCs) stored in memory. of sources: dirt, oil, silicon, spider webs, potting
compound from the sensor itself, etc. When a MAF sensor gets contaminated, it skews the transfer Follow the diagnostic procedures described in the function such that the sensor over-estimates air flow following Service Tip. The revised diagnostic at idle (causes the fuel system to go rich) and procedure is a more accurate means of diagnosing under-estimates air flow at high air flows (causes
the symptoms. fuel system to go lean). This means Long Term Fuel Trims will learn lean (negative) corrections at idle and learn rich (positive) corrections at higher air flows.

2000 Mazda Protege LX Engine Controls – MIL ON/Driveability Concerns


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MIL ILLUMINATION WITH P0171, P1170, LACK OF POWER, HESITATION APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINs All 1999-2000 Protege 1.6L with VINs lower than JM1 BJ222* *0 300996. DESCRIPTION Some vehicles may exhibit MIL illumination with any of the following symptoms: DTC P0171, DTC P1170, Lack of power, Hesitation, Unstable idle. These conditions may be caused by contamination of the mass air flow sensor wires. Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Verify customer concern. 2. Record DTC and Freeze Frame data. 3. Inspect intake system for vacuum leaks. 4. Identify production date on MAF sensor. – If MAF sensor has a production date before 07B27 (July 27, 2000), proceed to STEP 5. – If MAF sensor has a production date on or after 07B27 (July 27, 2000), this Service Bulletin does not apply. Refer to Workshop Manual for further diagnostic procedures. 5. Clean surface surrounding MAF sensor. 6. Replace MAF sensor. Note: Make sure 0-ring is correctly positioned on replacement MAF sensor before installation. Caution: ^ Do not allow water to enter MAF sensor connector. ^ Handle replacement MAF sensor with care. 7. Inspect air cleaner and correct any unfiltered air leaks: ^ Improperly positioned air cleaner element and/or deformed seal. ^ Broken tabs, cracks and/or deformities of the air cleaner. 8. Disconnect negative battery cable or pull INJ fuse to erase and reset KAM (Keep Alive Memory). 9. Verify repair.

2004-2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Manual Transmission COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM Installation Instructions


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2) Removing the stock air inlet system a) Before removing any of the O.E. components, label each individual part so that no components become mixed up during the installation process. b) Remove plastic intake duct from the front of the engine by removing the plastic clips and pulling the duct straight forward. To remove the clips, use a pointed device and push in the middle of the clips. Throttle Cable c) Remove the breather hose from the valve cover by pulling it off. d) Unclip the throttle cable from the side of the air filter housing. 3 e) Unclip the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sesnor wiring harness from the air filter housing. These clips can be removed undamaged from the harness using a small flat head screwdriver. f) Unscrew the Inlet tube from the throttle body and pull the inlet tube off the throttle body. g) Unplug the MAF sensor from the engine harness. h) Remove the two bolts securing the stock air filter housing to the engine bay. Remove the air filter housing and the inlet tube. i) Remove the two bolts securing the MAF sensor to the air filter housing and remove the MAF sensor. Be careful not to damage the sensor. j) Unclip the wiring harness from the air box bracket behind the batery.



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1. Remove both front wheels from the car. 2. Unclip the hard plastic breather hose from the breather nipple by squeezing the blue retaining clip. 3. Lift up and remove the steel bracket securing the purge solenoid valve (PSV) to the inlet hose. Leave the PSV attached to the valve and move it out of the way. 4. Unplug the MAF sensor from the wiring harness. 5. Unclip the MAF sensor wiring harness from the side of the air filter housing 6. Loosen the hose clamps securing the inlet hose to the throttle body and the air filter housing. Remove the inlet tube.(View B, #5) 7. Remove the air filter housing lid (View B, #1) by unhooking the metal retaining clips and sliding the lid out. 8. Remove the air filter element (View B, #2). 9. Remove the lower air filter housing (View B, #3) by removing the two nuts securing the housing to the chassis. Next, lift up on the back side of the housing and remove it from the vehicle. 10. Remove the retaining clips and bolts securing the driver and passenger side splash shields to the bumper and chassis. Remove the splash shields. 11. Disconnect the front fog light connectors for vehicles equiped with fog lights. 12. Disconnect the side marker light connectors. View C: Bumper Removal / Installation 13. Remove the parts in the order indicated in Table A: 14. Remove the fresh air duct by removing the two plastic clips and the bolt securing it to the chassis (View B,#6). 15. Remove the plastic fasteners (View D, #1) securing the plastic shroud seal plate (View D, #2) between the steel bumper support (View D, #4) and the chassis. 16. Unhook the wiring harness from the horn and unclip it (View D, #3) from the bumper support. 17. Remove the 8 bolts securing the bumper support to 7.8-11.8 the chassis. Remove the bumper support. {80-120, 18. Remove the stock MAF sensor from the air filter 70-104} housing lid (View B, #1). 19. Remove the plastic breather nipple, spring clamp, and two hose clamps from the stock inlet hose. 1. Install the plastic breather hose nipple (View E, #2) removed in step #18 into the supplied throttle body coupler (View E, #3) and secure using the stock spring clamp (See View F). 2. Install the two hose clamps removed in step #18 (View B) onto the supplied throttle body coupler. Install the coupler onto the throttle body. Do not tighten hose clamp. 3. Install the steel PSV bracket (View E, #1) from the stock inlet tube by sliding it into the mount on the throttle body coupler. Be sure bracket is fully seated at top guide pin. 4. Plug the plastic breather hose onto the nipple. Be sure both the breather hose and PSV bracket are secure before proceeding. 5. Install the MAF sensor into the upper intake pipe (View E, #4) and secure using the two supplied 8-32 bolts (View E, #5). Torque the bolts to 12-15 in-lbs (1.4-1.7 N-m).