maf wiring schematic for 2000 infiniti g20

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2003 Infiniti Q45 Schematic IVIS (Infiniti Vehicle Immobilizer System-NATS)


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Diagrams: Other diagrams referred to by name within these diagrams can be found at Diagrams By Diagram Name. See: Diagrams By Diagram Name Diagnostic Strategies 1. Check the symptom and customer’s requests. 2. Understand the outline of system.
3. Perform the preliminary check. Refer to BL-70, “Preliminary Check”. See: Initial Inspection (Preliminary Check)\Preliminary Check
4. Perform the communication inspection. If CONSULT-II is used, refer to BL-73, “IVMS COMMUNICATION INSPECTION”. See: Description of On-Board Diagnostics\With Manufacturer’s Scan Tool (Infiniti CONSULT-II)\IVMS Communication Inspection If
CONSULT-II is not used, refer to BL-77, “COMMUNICATION DIAGNOSIS”. See: Displaying & Reading Trouble Codes\Without Scan Tool\Communication Diagnosis Procedure Is the communication diagnosis result OK? OK: GO TO step 7. NG: GO TO step 5.
5. Repair or replace depending on the diagnosis result.

2000 Mazda Protege LX Engine Controls – MIL ON/Driveability Concerns


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MIL ILLUMINATION WITH P0171, P1170, LACK OF POWER, HESITATION APPLICABLE MODEL(S)/VINs All 1999-2000 Protege 1.6L with VINs lower than JM1 BJ222* *0 300996. DESCRIPTION Some vehicles may exhibit MIL illumination with any of the following symptoms: DTC P0171, DTC P1170, Lack of power, Hesitation, Unstable idle. These conditions may be caused by contamination of the mass air flow sensor wires. Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Verify customer concern. 2. Record DTC and Freeze Frame data. 3. Inspect intake system for vacuum leaks. 4. Identify production date on MAF sensor. – If MAF sensor has a production date before 07B27 (July 27, 2000), proceed to STEP 5. – If MAF sensor has a production date on or after 07B27 (July 27, 2000), this Service Bulletin does not apply. Refer to Workshop Manual for further diagnostic procedures. 5. Clean surface surrounding MAF sensor. 6. Replace MAF sensor. Note: Make sure 0-ring is correctly positioned on replacement MAF sensor before installation. Caution: ^ Do not allow water to enter MAF sensor connector. ^ Handle replacement MAF sensor with care. 7. Inspect air cleaner and correct any unfiltered air leaks: ^ Improperly positioned air cleaner element and/or deformed seal. ^ Broken tabs, cracks and/or deformities of the air cleaner. 8. Disconnect negative battery cable or pull INJ fuse to erase and reset KAM (Keep Alive Memory). 9. Verify repair.

1996-2000 Hyundai Accent/ Hyundai Pony/ Hyundai Excel Trouble code identification


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Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Injector 2 or 3 – circuit malfunction Wiring, injector Mass air flow (MAF) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, MAF sensor, ECM Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Wiring, HO2S, mechanical fault, fuel system, fuel Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) – malfunction pressure, ECM AC cooling fan – circuit malfunction Wiring, AC cooling fan Idle air control (IAC) valve – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAC valve, ECM Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, ECT sensor, ECM Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor – circuit malfunction Wiring, IAT sensor, ECM

Audi A6 Electrical Wiring Manual


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Audi A6 Electrical Wiring Manual: 1998-2000 covers Audi A6 models built on the “C5″ platform through model year 2000. This manual has been prepared us- ing factory wiring diagrams, electrical component location information and scantool diagnostics. Whether you’re a professional service technician or a do-it-your- self Audi owner this manual will be indispensable as a source of the same detailed electrical system information available at an authorized Audi dealer

A6 Sedan 1998, 1999, 2000 A6 Avant 1999, 2000 allroad quattro 2000


1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Complete Wiring Guide


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DEFOGGERS Fig. 1: Defogger Circuit HORN Fig. 2: Horn Circuit POWER ANTENNA Fig. 3: Power Antenna Circuit POWER DOOR LOCKS Fig. 4: Power Door Lock Circuit POWER SEATS Fig. 5: Power Seat Circuits POWER WINDOWS Fig. 6: Power Window Circuit, 2 Door RADIO Fig. 7: Mono Radio Circuit Fig. 8: Stereo Radio Circuit STARTING/CHARGING Fig. 9: Charging Circuit Fig. 10: Starting Circuit TRUNK, TAILGATE, FUEL DOOR Fig. 11: Trunk Release Circuit WIPER/WASHER Fig. 12: 2-Speed Wiper/Washer Circuit Fig. 13: Interval Wiper/Washer Circuit PART 2 Fig. 1: Engine Compartment Fig. 2: Engine Compartment (Cont.) Fig. 3: Fuse Block & Underdash Fig. 4: Underdash (Cont.) & Instrument Panel Fig. 5: Instrument Panel (Cont.) Fig. 6: Rear Compartment & Accessories SUB-SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAMS CANADIAN MODELS Fig. 7: Kicker System Wiring Diagram (5.0L “B” Body A/C) Fig. 8: A/C Kicker System (3.8L “B” & “G” Body) Wiring Diagram Fig. 9: Electric Choke Heater (3.8L “B” & “G” Body) Wiring Diagram Fig. 10: Electric Choke Heater (3.8L “B” Body Without Gauges) Fig. 11: Electric Choke Heater (5.0L “B” & “G” Body) Fig. 12: Early Fuel Evap System (“B” & “G” Body) Wiring Diagram Fig. 13: TCC (“B” & “G” Body, 3 or 4-Speed Auto. Trans.)