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Vauxhall VECTRA Owner’s Manual Operation, Safety and Maintenance


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Keys, doors, windows, sunroof To raise Turn the rotary switch to any position between d and e. The sunroof w ill automatic ally move to the desired position. When the rotary switch is in position e, the sunroof is fully raised. To lower Turn rotary switch to d. Posit ion memory After the ignition has been switched on, the sunroof c an be automatically returned to its last position b y briefly pressing the rotary switch. Safety function If the sunroof encounters resistance during automatic closing, it is immediately stopped and opened again, as long as the vehicle is stationary. Operated using rotary switch in the overhead control panel. To open Turn the rotary switch to any position between d and ü. The sunroof will automatically move to the desired position. When the switch is in position ü , the sunroof is fully opened . Com fort position Set rotary switch to position f. With the roof in this position, w ind noise is reduced. To close: Turn rotary switch to d. 9 Warning Closing sunroof from outside To close the sunroof from outside with the remote control: Press button p until the sunroof is closed. If the electric windows 3 are to be closed from outside the vehicle, but the sunroof is to be left op en, briefly press the rotary switch before switching off the ignition. Automatic closing 3 See page 33. If when the vehicle is being driven the sunroof encounters resistance during automatic closing, because of the higher closing forces involved the protective function cannot be guaranteed, and there is a risk of injury. If the sunroof movement is stiff, e.g. due to frost, turn rotary switch to d and keep it pressed until the sunroof is closed. Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Sunshade To reduce the sunlight in the interior with the sliding roof closed or raised. O pen or close sunshade as required. When the sunroof is opened, the sunshade is also opened. Overload If the sy stem is overloaded, the power sup ply is automatically cut off for a short time. Fault If the sunroof no longer assumes the desired position automatically , programm e sunroof electronics as follow s: 1. Switch on ignition. 2. Press the rotary switch until the sunroof is shut, then keep it pressed for a t least a further 3 seconds. 3. Turn rotary switch to ü and keep it depressed until the sunroof is open. 4. Turn rotary switch to d and keep it depressed until the sunroof is closed . 5. Turn rotary switch to e and leave there until the sunroof is fully raised. 6. Turn rotary switch to d and keep it depressed until the sunroof is closed . Electrically operated rear window blind 3 Reduces intensity of sunlight shining on to rear seats. Operation w ith ignition switched on. To raise To lower = = Do not operate blind if there are objects lying in front of the rear window. Sun blinds for rear door windows 3 To reduce sunlight a t the rear seats. Pull the blind upwards using the grip and engage it at the top in the door frame. Press N Press N again

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2005 Chrysler 300 Body – Sunroof Glass Not Flush With Roof/Won’t Close


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SYMPTOM/CONDITION: DIAGNOSIS: 1. Verify the rear of the sunroof glass to roof flushness concern. 2. UNCALIBRATE THE SUNROOF. a. b. c. d. e. 3. RECALIBRATE THE SUNROOF a. b. c. 4. If the uncalibrate/recalibrate procedure did not eliminate the sunroof glass to roof fit, use the procedures outlined in TechCONNECT(R) BODY/SUNROOF/GLASS PANEL/ADJUSTMENTS to adjust the glass panel. If the sunroof glass is now flush, perform the Repair Procedure. If the vehicle operator describes or experiences the Symptom/Condition, perform the Repair Procedure. Insure the battery is at least 12 Volts. Place the ignition switch in RUN position. Locate the sunroof fuse (Fuse 44 in the Power Distribution Center located in the trunk). While the sunroof is still in motion, have an assistant remove the sunroof fuse. Reinstall the sunroof fuse. Press and hold the sunroof vent switch until it stops at the full vent position. Verify sunroof operation by opening, closing, and venting the sunroof. If the uncalibrate/recalibrate procedure corrected the sunroof glass to roof fit, perform the Repair Procedure.

2002-2005 Ford Explorer REAR AXLE NOISE REPAIR


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FORD: 1997-2005 Expedition, F-150 2002-2005 Explorer LINCOLN: 1998-2005 Navigator 2003-2005 Aviator MERCURY: 2002-2005 Mountaineer This article supersedes TSB 05-12-6 to update the Service Kit and Service Procedure information. ISSUE Some vehicles may exhibit an axle whine or hum during acceleration, deceleration and/or cruise. ACTION An axle repair kit has been developed which incorporates most parts required for a comprehensive axle repair. The kit should be used instead of installing a complete axle assembly to repair an axle whine/hum. Replace Ring and Pinion with Axle Kit and Components. NOTE REFER TO THE “DIFFERENTIAL RING AND PINION” IN-VEHICLE REPAIR PROCEDURE IN THE ONLINE WORKSHOP MANUAL SECTION 205-00, FOR THE LATEST AXLE DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR PROCEDURES. NOTE FOR 1999 AND PRIOR MODEL YEAR VEHICLES, USE THE 2000 MODEL YEAR WORKSHOP MANUAL.

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2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Housing Assembly HVAC: Service and Repair


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Housing Assembly HVAC: Service and Repair The heater-A/C housing assembly must be removed from the vehicle and the two halves of the housing separated for service access of the heater core, evaporator coil, blend-air door(s), and each of the various mode control doors. WARNING: ON VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH AIRBAGS, REFER TO AIR BAGS AND SEAT BELTS/AIR BAGS BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY STEERING WHEEL, STEERING COLUMN, OR INSTRUMENT PANEL COMPONENT DIAGNOSIS OR SERVICE. FAILURE TO TAKE THE PROPER PRECAUTIONS COULD RESULT IN ACCIDENTAL AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT AND POSSIBLE PERSONAL INJURY. REMOVAL 1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable. 2. Remove the instrument panel from the vehicle. Refer to: Body and Frame, Interior Trim, Dashboard/Instrument Panel, Service and Repair, Instrument Panel Service Procedures, Instrument Panel Assembly Replacement, See: Body and Frame/Interior Moulding / Trim/Dashboard / Instrument Panel/Service and Repair/Instrument Panel Service Procedures/Instrument Panel Assembly Replacement 3. Recover the refrigerant from the refrigerant system. See: Refrigerant/Service and Repair 4. Disconnect the liquid line refrigerant line from the evaporator inlet tube See: Hose/Line HVAC/Service and Repair. Install plugs in, or tape over all of the opened refrigerant line fittings. 5. Disconnect the suction line refrigerant line from the evaporator outlet tube See: Hose/Line HVAC/Service and Repair. Install plugs in, or tape over all of the opened refrigerant line fittings. 6. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core tubes. Clamp off the heater hoses to prevent loss of coolant. Install plugs in, or tape over the opened heater core tubes. 7. If the vehicle is equipped with the manual temperature control system, unplug the heater-A/C system vacuum supply line connector from the tee fitting near the heater core tubes. 8. Remove the coolant reserve/overflow bottle from the passenger side inner fender shield. 9. Remove the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) from the passenger side dash panel in the engine compartment and set it aside. Do not unplug the PCM wire harness connectors.

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BMW 5-Series (E39) Repair Manual 525i, 528i, 530i, 540i, Sedan, Sport Wagon 1997-2002


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Comprehensive, single source of service information and specifications available specifically for BMW 5 Series from 1997 to 2002. The aim throughout this manual has been simplicity, clarity and completeness, with practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself BMW owner, this manual will help you understand, care for and repair your E39 5 Series. Though the do-it-yourself BMW owner will find this manual indispensable as a source of detailed maintenance and repair information, the BMW owner who has no intention of working on his or her car will find that reading and owning this manual will make it possible to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional technician.
Engines covered in this BMW repair manual:
* 6-cylinder engines: M52, M52 TU, M54
* V-8 engines: M62, M62 TU
Fuel injection systems covered in this BMW repair manual:
* Bosch M 5.2, M 5.2.1, ME 7.2
* Siemens MS 41.0, MS 42.0, MS 43.0
Manual transmissions covered in this BMW repair manual:
* Getrag S5D 250G, S6S 420G
* ZF S5D 320Z
Automatic transmissions covered in this BMW repair manual:
* A4S 270R, A4S 310R
* A5S 360R, A5S 390R
* A5S 325Z
*A5S 560Z, A5S 440Z

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