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Catalog of Accessories & Parts for Ford Ranger 1983-09 Bronco II 1984-90 Explorer 1991-94


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Ranger 1993-09 Models with Covered Hitch Plate
These OE Style Replacement Rear Bumpers match the original rear bumper in every way from the hitch assembly and step pad design to the lighting assembly. Meets all your replacement needs.• Made from die-formed construction. • Tested to maximum 350 lbs. tongue weight and 3,500 lbs. • trailer weight. Includes OE style brackets and necessary mounting hardware. • Do not exceed truck manufacturer’s recommended towing capacity



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The RENAULT ELECTRONIC PARTS CATALOGUE (EPC) contains full exploded views of the parts contained in these cars which also includes accessories. You can search by the vehicle VIN number to ensure you are dealing with the correct parts fitted to the car. You still have to choose which body shape the car is but with the VIN system, you will get filtered parts information which is very handy indeed.
The TECHNICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (TIS) contains the service guide information to diagnose and fix (disassembly & rebuild instructions) most parts of the car. The manual includes electrical parts (window motors, central locking etc), air conditioning system, steering system, gearbox and engine information, braking system etc. and much much more. You will not be disappointed with the information contained inside



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Renault Espace is a large MPV from French car-maker Renault since 1984. The following repair manual, workshop and service guide apply for Renault Espace JE0A05, JE0A02, JE0E05, SE0E05, JE0J05, JE0D02 vehicle type (F3R 728, F3R 729, G8T 716, G8T 718, and 27X 775 engine series). The program contains the detailed and full description of repair and diagnostics of all units of the automobile, including detailed electric schemes. Assembly and disassembly repair and overhauling of the engine and other units, car body sizes for an exact repair. Detailed repair and overhauling information for automatic and manual transmission, suspension alignment, steering management, air conditioning, all electric components, the necessary special tools, and other information

Renault CLIO II with AC: XBXX – K9K – K4J – K4M engines Alternator pulley replacement


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Special tooling required Mot. 1732 Tool for removing and re?tting the alternator pulley Tightening torquesm the alternator decou- pling pulley I – PARTS AND CONSUMABLES FOR THE REPAIRS Parts always to be replaced: – the alternator belt, – the tensioning roller, – the mechanic tension wheel mounting bolts. II – PRECAUTIONS DURING REPAIR It is essential to replace an alternator decoupling pulley with a decoupling pulley. III – EQUIPMENT REQUIRED – Torque wrench capable of tightening a left-hand thread. IV – REMOVAL Remove the vehicle alternator (see 16A, Starting – charging, Alternator 110276 110268 Position adapter (2) from the tool kit (Mot. 1732) (corresponding to the alternator rotor recess) in the hexagon socket (1). 110267 Position the hexagon socket (1) from the tool box (Mot. 1732) in the alternator pulley. 110269 Position the adapter holder (3) in socket (2). 110270 Hold the hexagon socket (1) using an open-jawed spanner (4). Loosen the decoupling pulley (5) using a ratchet, (6) (turning it in the clockwise direction.). Remove the decoupling pulley. V – REFITTING Position: – the hexagon socket in the alternator (1), – the adapter (2) (corresponding to the alternator ro- tor mark), – the adapter holder (3) on the adapter(2). Note: Check that the torque wrench is capable of tigh- tening in an anticlockwise direction. 110266 Screw the new decoupling pulley onto the alternator rotor. Tighten to torque the alternator decoupling pulley (80 Nm) using a torque wrench(7). Refit the vehicle alternator (see 16A, Starting – charging, Alternator).

Renault Clio Featuring 1.4 16v and 1.9dTi


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Incidentally, that Renaultsport 172 deserves a special mention, because it looks as though it could well be the new king of the hot hatches, thanks to the blistering performance provided by its 172bhp, two-litre, 16-valve engine and lowered chassis. We’ve driven it and will be reporting on it in due This new twin-cam unit is already used in the Megane and Scenic and certainly deserves this wider application because it’s a real little sweetie, whose “warm hatch” performance belies its capacity – curious that Renault insists that size matters! While happy to tip-toe through traffic, it really comes alive out on the open road. Not only is it smooth and quiet, but take it beyond 3000rpm and it’s a decidedly swift performer that loves to rev yet still manages to remain mechanically refined. Complementing the new engine are the deft gearchange and nicely weighted clutch that give added driving pleasure. Such is the way that the powertrain is mounted, however, that the gear lever gives an unseemly lurch forward as you back off the accelerator