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Honda Element Canadian Maintenance Schedule


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Your scheduled maintenance is determined by the odometer reading or the time interval, whichever occurs first. However, most maintenance items are more dependent on distance driven than time As part of your regularly scheduled maintenance program, having these additional services performed at the time and distance recommended is vital to keeping your Element in maximum operating condition




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VOLKSWAGEN 2.0L 4-Cylinder – AEG, AVH, AZG, BDC & BEV Engines For 1998-00 model years, although the manufacturer does not recommend a specific scheduled maintenance interval, belt manufacturers suggest the belt be replaced at 60,000 mile intervals. For 2001-03 model years, the manufacturer recommends the belt be replaced at 105,000 mile intervals.
NOTE: For 2004, manufacturer does not provide a timing belt replacement interval. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Locating Engine Identification Code (AEG) Locating Engine Identification Code (AVH, AZG, BDC & BEV) Locating TDC Mark on Transaxle

2004 Infiniti QX56 V8-5.6L (VK56DE) Testing and Inspection REFUELING EVAP VAPOR CUT VALVE


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1. Remove fuel tank. Refer to “FUEL TANK”. 2. Drain fuel from the tank as follows: a. Remove fuel feed hose located on the fuel gauge retainer. b. Connect a spare fuel hose, one side to fuel gauge retainer where the hose was removed and the other side to a fuel container. c. Drain fuel using “FUEL PUMP RELAY” in “ACTIVE TEST” mode with CONSULT-II. 3. Check refueling EVAP vapor cut valve for being stuck to close as follows. Blow air into the refueling EVAP vapor cut valve (from the end of EVAP/ORVR line hose),
and check that the air flows freely into the tank. 4. Check refueling EVAP vapor cut valve for being stuck to open as follows.
a. Connect vacuum pump to hose end. b. Remove fuel gauge retainer with fuel gauge unit. Always replace O-ring with
new one. c. Put fuel tank upside down.

Volkswagen Touareg Maintenance Service


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Service Circular. 2005 Touareg Scheduled Maintenance Intervals. Date: July 1, 2004. Number: VMS Engine: Change engine oil and oil filter (Caution: for 6 and 8 cylinder engines use only oil fulfilling the VW 500 00, 501 01 or 502 00 specifications and for vehicles with 10 cylinder TDI engine use only oil fulfilling the VW 505 01 specifications with the viscosity 5W40) Engine: Check for leaks Exhaust system: Check for damage or leaks Battery: Check battery voltage (12.5v) (Recharge if necessary) Door check straps: Lubricate
Windshield washer fluid: Check level; add if necessary Fuel filter: Replace (TDI engine only) Dust & pollen filter: Replace (where
applicable) Automatic shift lock: Check operation including park/neutral/safety switch Automatic transmission: Check for leaks
Manual transmission: Check oil level; add if

FORD: 2001-2005 Taurus 2001-2006 Escape MERCURY: 2001-2005 Sable 2005-2006 Mariner


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ISSUE Some 2001-2005 Taurus/Sable, 2001-2006 Escape and 2005-2006 Mariner vehicles built prior to
1-17-2006 equipped with the 3.0L 4V Duratec engine may exhibit a ticking noise from the left bank cylinder head, with the engine at normal operating temperature only.
ACTION To diagnose, with the engine running and warm (normal operation temperature), using a mechanic’s stethoscope determine if the ticking noise is coming from the left hand intake camshaft at cylinder number 6, (Figure 1). If the ticking noise can be verified, refer to the following Service Procedure.