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X1 CHECK THE IGNITION STATES Diagnostic Tool X2 RETRIEVE THE DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES X3 VERIFY THE INOPERATIVE INDICATOR LAMP Monitor the PID IGN_GEM while turning the ignition switch through the START, RUN, OFF, and ACC positions. Do the PID values agree with the ignition switch positions? Yes GO to X2. No REFER to Section 417-02. Use the recorded results from the continuous and on-demand self-tests. Are any DTCs recorded? Yes If DTC B1342, GO to X17 . No GO to X3. If DTC P1804, GO to X3 . If DTC P1806, GO to X3 . If DTC P1808, GO to X3 . If DTC P1810, GO to X3 . Verify the inoperative indicator. Are the 4×4 HIGH or 4×4 LOW indicators inoperative? Yes GO to X6. No If the 4×4 LOW indicator is inoperative, GO to X12 . If the 4×4 HIGH indicator is inoperative, GO to X7 . If both the 4×4 HIGH and 4×4 LOW indicators are inoperative, GO to X4 . X4 CHECK THE O/D OFF INDICATOR Verify the O/D OFF indicator works. Does the O/D OFF indicator function correctly? Yes GO to X7. No GO to X5. X5 CHECK THE VOLTAGE TO THE INDICATORS Instrument Cluster 220a Measure the voltage between the instrument cluster 220a pin 5, circuit 484 (OG/BK), harness side and ground.

1995 Suzuki Sidekick DRIVE AXLES Suzuki – Locking Hubs


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Manual locking hubs engage and disengage front wheels from axle shafts on 4WD vehicles. These hubs are are optional. When hubs are engaged in LOCK position, wheels and axle shafts rotate together. When hubs are disengaged or unlocked in FREE position, front wheels free-wheel on hub bearings. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION MANUAL LOCKING HUB Removal 1) Position locking hub in FREE position. Remove cover-to- body retaining bolts. Remove cover assembly and gasket. 2) Remove snap ring from drive axle. Remove body-to-hub retaining bolts. Remove body and gasket. See Fig. 1. CAUTION: Lubricate sliding surfaces with multipurpose grease, but DO NOT pack hub with grease.

Technical Service Training Escort 4×4


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The Escort 4×4 is based on the Escort ’91 with front-wheel drive and completes the Escort/Orion ’91 model
The Escort 4×4 is available with three variants of the 16-valve engine:
• 1.8 DOHC 16V engine (105 PS)
• 1.8 DOHC 16 V engine ( 130 PS)
• 2.0 DOHC 16V engine (150 PS)
The new 4×4 drive concept consists of the MTX 75 transmission in combination with a transfer box and a final drive to the rear wheels.The rear suspension and fuel tank have been redesigned to accommodate the 4×4 drive.)
This Product Introduction describes all the important modifications and innovations found in the Escort 4×4.
The colours used in coloured illustrations indicating the scope of modification have the following

Suzuki Sidekick Engine Information and Options for Upgrading


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Engine Options for the Samurai There are a number of possibilities for changing the engine in your Samurai, depending on where you live and what you want to accomplish. Suzuki Sidekick or Geo Tracker I (1989-1995) – The block from the 1.6 8-valve Sidekick or Tracker can be swapped in easily. This is by far the simplest upgrade, requiring modified engine mounts, transmission adapter plate, and provision (some sort of lift, or an adaptation from a G12 series engine) for the oil pan. Intake and Exhaust Manifold will fit, and finally the addition of an electronic fuel pump since the 1.6 head does not have lobes on it for the fuel pump. Petroworks can supply almost all necessary parts required for this task. Motors are a little harder to come by though. The next level to this swap would be the use of the Sidekick/Tracker Throttle Body intake system. This is a much more complex task and requires the complete under hood wiring harness, parts of the under dash harness, and computer from a donor car. Modification of the harness is required to install it into the Samurai. TR Also, the Speedometer cluster needs to be modified on the Samurai to add in a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). This is needed by the computer to adjust timing during operation. Suzuki Swift – This is a G13 series engine with a counterbalanced crankshaft, twin overhead cams and fuel injection. One of the easier swaps to make, requiring only some minor wiring changes and a hole in the Samurai’s firewall for the horizontally mounted distributor (this engine was originally designed for a transverse mounting). Suzuki Sidekick or Geo Tracker II (1993-1995) – The motor from these cars are 1.6 16v, multiport fuel-injected. These motors are usually found in 4 door cars and will say “16 Valve” On the valve cover, Timing Belt cover or injector manifold. This is a much more complicated swap and requires a lot of wiring to interface with the Samurai harness.

2003 – 2007 Dodge Ram Truck Front End Shimmy On 4×4 Vehicles When Traveling Over Rough Surfaces In The Road


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SUBJECT: Front End Shimmy On 4×4 Vehicles When Traveling Over Rough Surfaces In The Road OVERVIEW: This bulletin involves verifying the condition of the vehicle front suspension and steering components, and adjusting the front tire pressure. MODELS: 2003 – 2007 (DR/DH/D1/DC) Ram Truck (2500/3500) NOTE: This bulletin applies to four wheel drive (4×4) 2500 and 3500 model vehicles. SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The customer may experience a self sustaining vibration (shimmy) felt in the front end of the vehicle after striking a bump or pothole. DIAGNOSIS: If the customer experiences the above condition perform the Repair Procedure.