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Volkswagen Touareg hybrid


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The petrol-electric hybrid version of the Touareg had plenty of go, especially when you floored the pedal at about 100km/h — producing the ‘boost’ effect from both engines working together, and it climbed to 160km/h easily.

It can drive off at start on the electric motor alone quite capably, although it was a little disconcerting to suddenly be hearing all the peripheral noises that are usually masked by combustion engine sound. Instrument graphics show the battery’s level of charge and the driving state: petrol, electric or combination.

The hybrid Touareg is due to hit the European saleroom floors in 2010, with price yet to be decided, but there is no confirmation of it arriving in Australia and at this stage there is no right-hand drive development under way. However as Volkswagen spreads their Bluemotion program throughout the range and around its global markets, it’s likely we will see the vehicle or something similar in the SUV’s future.

2004 Volkswagen Touareg with Trailer Towing Trailer Lights Inoperative Update Programming (Flashing) Trailer Control Module


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Trailer Lights Inoperative, Update Programming (Flashing) Trailer Control Module Subject: Model(s): Touareg with Trailer Towing Accessory Package 2004 Condition Trailer Lights are inoperative. May require Trailer Control Module (J345) “Update – Programming” to increase electrical capabilities from 4 amps / 50 watts to 8.3 amps / 100 watts to accommodate trailers with large electrical draw. Service Tool requirements z VAS 5051 or 5052 (with Basis CD V.06.05 and the Brand CD V.06.48 or higher) with old diagnosis logs erased prior to start. z “Update – Programming” (flashing) CD W42TOUAREGTHCD. z VAS 5051: connected to vehicle and to 110V AC Power supply at all times during procedure. z VAS 5052: connected to vehicle with battery voltage requirements met.

2004 Volkswagen Touareg Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light Is ON


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Model(s): Touareg with Tire Pressure Monitoring System Condition Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light is ON. Service Note: Before performing this Technical Bulletin see Technical Bulletin Group 44 Number 04-02. – Perform the following three steps in order. 1. Check and, if necessary, replace Tire Pressure Monitoring Control module prior to VIN: 4D018766. 2. Reassemble vehicle and follow “store tire pressure values” instructions 3. Diagnosis information listed in VESIS under ’additional information 1. Check and if necessary, replace Tire Pressure Monitoring Control module prior to VIN: 4D018766 – Switch ignition OFF. – Remove bolt -4- (2x). – Pry driver side footwell cover -5- out of mountings near clip -6- using wedge T10039/1. – Pull cover out of rear mountings. – Disconnect footwell light -3- from wiring harness. – Separate wiring harness -1- from diagnosis plug -2-. 2. Follow instructions in Owner’s Manual “Tire pressure monitoring system” to store tire pressure values If system learns and stores values and no warning lights are ON. z Work is complete. – If system does not learn and store values or warning lights are ON. – Continue with Step 3.

Volkswagen Touareg Maintenance Service


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Service Circular. 2005 Touareg Scheduled Maintenance Intervals. Date: July 1, 2004. Number: VMS Engine: Change engine oil and oil filter (Caution: for 6 and 8 cylinder engines use only oil fulfilling the VW 500 00, 501 01 or 502 00 specifications and for vehicles with 10 cylinder TDI engine use only oil fulfilling the VW 505 01 specifications with the viscosity 5W40) Engine: Check for leaks Exhaust system: Check for damage or leaks Battery: Check battery voltage (12.5v) (Recharge if necessary) Door check straps: Lubricate
Windshield washer fluid: Check level; add if necessary Fuel filter: Replace (TDI engine only) Dust & pollen filter: Replace (where
applicable) Automatic shift lock: Check operation including park/neutral/safety switch Automatic transmission: Check for leaks
Manual transmission: Check oil level; add if

Volkswagen Touareg: 2004-2009 Official Factory Repair Manual


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Provides service, repair and maintenance information for the Volkswagen Touareg: 2004-2009.
Engines covered:
* 3.2 Liter V6 4V
(engine codes: BMX, BAA)
* 4.2 Liter V8 5V
(engine codes: AXQ, BHX)
* 5.0 Liter V10 2V TDI PD
(engine code: BKW)
Transmission covered:
* 6 Spd. Automatic Transmission 09D All Wheel Drive