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NOTE: Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Recognition 1. ABS control unit recognizes system related problems and causes ABS warning light to come on and stay on under any of following conditions: Vehicle is driven with parking brake on longer than 30 seconds. One rear wheel is locked. Wheel speed sensor does not transmit a signal. Vehicle is driven on extremely rough road. Low battery voltage. Operation time of solenoid valves exceeds a specified value and control unit indicates an open circuit in solenoid circuit. Output signals from control unit are not transmitted to solenoid valves. Temporary loss of traction due to excessive cornering speed or starting from stuck condition (mud, snow or sand). 2. If ABS warning light comes on intermittently, use ABS Tester (07HAJ-SG0010B) to confirm problem. See ABS FUNCTION TEST under DIAGNOSIS & TESTING. 3. ABS warning light comes on and trouble code is stored in control unit when insufficient battery voltage exists at control unit. If low battery voltage caused problem, recharge battery and clear trouble code(s). See CLEARING DTCs under SELF-DIAGNOSTICS. ABS Warning Light Does Not Come On If ABS warning light does not come on when ignition is on: Check bulb. Check Yellow wire between fuse No. 1 and instrument cluster. Check Blue/White wire between instrument cluster and control unit. Check control unit ground circuit. ABS Warning Light Stays On Without DTCs If ABS warning light stays on and no DTCs have been stored in control unit, check for following items: Loose or poor control unit connector. Blown ABS fuse No. B2 in underhood fuse/relay box. Open circuit in White/Black wire between ABS fuse No. B2 and control unit. Open circuit in Yellow/Black wire between fuse No. 7 and fail-safe relays. ABS system is okay if ABS warning light goes out after engine is started.

Troubleshooting Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Indicator Light


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Temporary Driving Conditions: 1. The ABS indicator light comes on and the ABS con- trol unit memorizes the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) under certain conditions. NOTE: The DTCs are explained on page 19-56. • The tire(s) adhesion is lost due to excessive cor- nering speed. DTC: 5, 5-4, 5-8. • The vehicle loses traction when starting from a stuck condition on a muddy, snowy, or sandy road. DTC: 4-1, 4-2, 4-4, 4-8. • When the parking brake is applied for more than 30 seconds while the vehicle is being driven. DTC: 2-1. • The vehicle is driven on an extremely rough road. The ABS is OK, if the ABS indicator light goes off after the engine is restarted.

Service Light Reset – Renault Laguna


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The reset button is located under the speedometer on the instrument cluster. Switch ignition on.
? Switch ignition on. ? Press reset button until “spanner” symbol flashes. ? Keep button depressed until “spanner” symbol stops flashing and remains illuminated. ? Indicator shows appropriate service interval. ? Release reset button. ? Switch ignition off. Some Vehicles are fitted with a ‘SERV’ lamp, this is not a service interval indicator lamp. It is a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)



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Fault ABS warning light constantly “ON” with no ABS operation. Callers often remark that they are unable to communicate with the ABS ECM even though using suitable diagnostic equipment.
Cause The ABS ECM / hydraulic modulator / ABS pump units are a combined unit assembly and are located behind the off side front headlamp. The caller reported that the harness plug was full of water and the terminals were found to be excessively corroded, to the point were the harness plug and ABS ECM needed replacing. The caller also reported that this was the second time he
had experienced the problem on Subaru Impreza vehicles. Vehicles
If the terminals on both the ABS ECM and ABS ECM harness plug are heavily corroded beyond cleaning and repair, it will be necessary to replace both the ABS ECM / hydraulic modulator / ABS pump assembly in addition to the ABS ECM harness plug



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Ford Focus models fitted with ABS use Wheel speed sensor reluctors which are housed within the front wheel bearings, therefore correct fitment of the wheel bearings is critical. To ensure correct fitment the front wheel bearings are colour coded at each end. The Front wheel bearings should be fitted into the hubs so that the black ends of the wheel bearings are mounted inboard and the orange ends of the wheel bearings are mounted outboard

The ABS self diagnostic system has the same characteristics as the Ford Mondeo vehicles, i.e. any non-permanent induced fault detected by the ABS ECM, such as wheel rotation with the ignition switched “ON” (e.g. when carrying out an MOT brake test etc) will cause the ABS warning light (MIL) to illuminate. To reset the ABS system and turn off the ABS warning light (MIL), drive the vehicle and if the ABS ECM does not detect any faults in the ABS system, the ABS warning light (MIL) will then
turn off