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Disassembly (Ram-50) 1) Remove both 4WD indicator switches and steel balls. Remove speedometer gear assembly. Remove output shaft cover, gasket, wave spring and spacer. See Fig. 3. Remove rear cover, rear cover gasket and spacer from chain cover. Drive roll pin out of high-low shift fork. 2) Remove 2 seal plugs. Remove 2 poppet springs and steel balls. Shift transfer case to “4WD” and pull high-low shift rail out, in rear cover direction. Remove interlock plunger. Remove pulse generator (if equipped), front output shaft cover and pulse rotor (if equipped). Remove snap ring from rear bearing on output shaft. Remove chain cover, oil guide and side cover. Remove countershaft locking plate. Remove countershaft. 3) Remove countergear, 2 thrust washers, 2 needle bearings and spacer through side cover opening. Remove snap ring, spring retainers and spring from 2WD-4WD shift rail. Remove front output shaft, rear output shaft and chain as assembly. 4) Remove 2WD-4WD shift fork and distance piece. Drive out 2WD-4WD shift rail spring pin. Remove 2WD-4WD shift rail and lug. Remove high-low shift fork and high-low synchronizer sleeve. Remove needle bearing and snap ring from input gear. Remove input gear assembly. 5) If either control shaft or input gear oil seals are to be replaced, drive out roll pin from transmission control change shifter. Separate transfer case from adapter. See Fig. 3. Disassembly (Montero) 1) Remove dynamic damper, 5 detection switches and 3 steel balls. Remove poppet plug, spring and steel ball. Remove speedometer gear assembly. Remove output shaft rear cover, spacers, dust seal guard and oil seals. Front output shaft cover, wave spring and spacer (if equipped). 2) Remove high-low shift rail plug and high-low shift fork spring pin. Shift transfer case to “4WD”. Remove rear cover and high- low shift rail. Remove interlock plunger. Remove rear output shaft (viscous coupling) assembly and center differential assembly. Remove 2WD-4WD synchronizer assembly, chain and front output shaft from transmission as a unit. With White paint make match marks in grooves of 2WD-4WD synchronizer in 3 places. With White paint make match marks on spline projections of 2WD-4WD synchronizer sleeve in 3 places. Refer to match marks during reassembly. 3) Remove snap ring, spring seat, spring, 2WD-4WD shift fork and 2WD-4WD synchronizer sleeve. Remove differential lock hub, oil dam cover and bearing retainer. Remove side cover and gasket. Remove transfer counter gear shaft, transfer counter gear, thrust washer, needle bearings and spacer. Remove transfer drive shaft assembly. Remove high-low shift fork assembly and clutch sleeve. Remove transfer input gear assembly. 4) Remove 2WD-4WD shift lug spring pin, spring, spring retainer 2WD-4WD shift lug and shift rail. Remove input gear oil seal, baffle plate, dust seal guard and front output shaft oil seal. See Fig. 4.

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2008 Lincoln MKZ INSTRUMENT CLUSTER (IC) Removal


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Removal All vehicles 1. If installing a new instrument cluster (IC), upload the module configuration to the scan tool. 2. Tilt the steering column to the lowest position. MKZ 3. Remove the 2 instrument cluster (IC) finish panel screws and the instrument cluster (IC) finish panel. 4. Remove the 2 screws and the instrument cluster (IC). Disconnect the electrical connector. Fusion, Milan 5. NOTE: The instrument cluster (IC) finish panel is held in place by spring clips located on the finish panel. Remove the instrument cluster (IC) finish panel. 6. NOTE: The top of the instrument cluster (IC) is a snap fit to the instrument panel. To ease removal of the instrument cluster (IC) insert a suitable tool between the instrument panel and the top of the instrument cluster (IC) and use a slight outward movement until the top of the instrument cluster (IC) is released. The instrument cluster (IC) can now be rotated outwards. Remove the 2 screws and the instrument cluster (IC). Disconnect the electrical connector. Installation MKZ 1. Position the instrument cluster (IC) in the instrument panel. Connect the electrical connector. Install the 2 screws. 2. Position the instrument cluster (IC) finish panel and install the 2 screws. Fusion, Milan 3. NOTE: Position the bottom portion of the instrument cluster (IC) on the instrument panel locator pins first then rotate the top of the instrument cluster (IC) into position. Position the instrument cluster (IC) in the instrument panel. Connect the electrical connector. Install the 2 screws. 4. Install the instrument cluster (IC) finish panel. All vehicles 5. If a new instrument cluster (IC) was installed, download the instrument cluster (IC) configuration information from the scan tool into the new instrument cluster (IC). 6. NOTE: If a new instrument cluster (IC) is installed, updated, or re-configured, the instrument cluster and the powertrain control module (PCM) require a parameter reset to allow the instrument cluster (IC) and the PCM to recognize each other. Failure to carry out the parameter reset to the instrument cluster (IC) and the PCM may result in a no start condition. If a new instrument cluster (IC) was installed, updated or reconfigured, carry out the parameter reset procedure. 7. NOTE: The vehicles integrated keys (or standard passive anti-theft system [PATS] keys) must be programmed to the new instrument cluster. If a new instrument cluster (IC) was installed, program the integrated keys.

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1994 Ford Mustang A/C Evaporator Housing Removal and Installation


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1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) . 2. Remove two console armrest mounting access covers (047A62) at rear of console panel (045A36) (snaps out) to gain access to armrest retaining bolts. 3. Remove four armrest-to-floor bracket retaining bolts and remove armrest assembly (snaps out of console). 4. Remove console panel gear shift plate (044G24) (snaps out). On vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, shift boot is attached to bottom of finish panel. Remove shift knob and slide boot and console panel gear shift plate up shift lever to remove. 5. To remove top finish panel position emergency brake lever in the UP position. Remove four retaining screws and lift top finish panel up. Disconnect necessary wire connectors. 6. Remove two console-to-rear floor bracket retaining screws. 7. Insert a small screwdriver into two notches at bottom of front upper finish panel and snap out. 8. If the vehicle has a radio chassis (18806) , the radio chassis must be removed. Refer to Section 15-01. If the vehicle doesn’t have a radio chassis , use a small screwdriver and pry radio cover finish panel out of console. 9. Flex glove compartment bin tabs inward. Drop down glove compartment (06010) assembly. Remove two console-to-instrument panel retaining screws. 10. Remove four console bracket retaining screws. Remove console panel from vehicle. 11. Remove three bolts retaining steering column opening cover (3A673) and reinforcement panel. Remove cover. 12. Remove steering column opening reinforcement by removing two bolts. 13. Remove two bolts retaining steering column opening reinforcement and remove reinforcement. 14. Remove six steering column retaining nuts (two retaining the hood release mechanism and four retaining column to lower brake pedal support). Lower steering column to floor. 15. Remove upper and lower steering column shrouds (3530) and disconnect wiring from turn signal and windshield wiper switch (13K359) . 16. Remove steering column through bolt and nut on engine compartment side of cowl panel. Remove steering column from vehicle. 17. Remove brake pedal support nut. 18. Snap out instrument panel defroster opening grille (044E82) . 19. Remove screws from speaker covers. Snap out speaker covers. 20. Remove front screws retaining RH and LH scuff plates at cowl side trim panels. 21. Remove RH and LH cowl side trim panels. 22. Disconnect wiring at RH cowl side. 23. Remove cowl side retaining bolts (one each side). 24. Remove five cowl top screws attachments. 25. Gently pull instrument panel (04320) away from RH side of cowl panel. Disconnect speedometer cable, air conditioning controls and wire connectors. 26. Place a drain pan or suitable container under the heater water hose connections at the cowl panel. 27. Disconnect heater water hoses (18472) from heater core tubes and plug heater water hoses with suitable 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch plugs. Cap heater core tubes to prevent coolant loss from heater core (18476) during removal of heater case. 28. Remove screw retaining A/C evaporator case support bracket (19A639) to cowl top panel. 29. Disconnect vacuum supply supply hose (black) from A/C vacuum supply in engine compartment. 30. Working under the hood (16612) , remove nut retaining heater case to cowl panel. 31. Inside passenger compartment, remove screw retaining A/C evaporator case mounting bracket (19A865) to cowl top panel. 32. Remove one screw retaining A/C evaporator case mounting bracket below heater case to cowl panel. 33. Carefully pull heater case from cowl panel and remove heater case assembly from vehicle. 34. To install, reverse Removal procedure. Check operation of all components. 35. After repairs have been completed, check the coolant level in the radiator (8005) and in the radiator coolant recovery reservoir (8A080) . Fill as required with the recommended coolant mixture.

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1996 Nissan Altima GLE TIMING CHAIN Removal


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1. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE . Drain coolant from radiator and cylinder block. Drain engine oil. Disconnect all necessary coolant hoses, electrical connectors, vacuum hoses, fuel lines and control cables. 2. Remove front exhaust tube. Remove intake manifold collector supports, and intake manifold. Remove exhaust manifold with catalytic converter. Remove air injection valve pipe. Remove intake air duct. Remove radiator fan and shroud. Remove injectors and fuel rail as an assembly. Remove distributor cap and spark plugs. 3. Set cylinder No. 1 at TDC of compression stroke, ensuring marks on crankshaft pulley and front cover align, and distributor rotor points to spark plug wire No. 1 on cap. Remove cylinder head cover. Remove distributor. NOTE: It is not necessary to install a stopper to prevent inner or outer timing chains from disengaging sprockets. 4. Prevent camshafts from turning, and remove camshaft sprocket bolts. Remove camshaft sprocket. See Fig. 13 . Mark and remove camshaft bearing caps in reverse order of installation. See Fig. 16 . Remove camshafts. 5. Loosen cylinder head bolts in 2 or 3 steps, in reverse order of tightening sequence. See Fig. 11 . Remove camshaft sprocket cover. Remove outer (upper) chain tensioner and guide. Remove outer timing chain. Remove idler sprocket bolt. Remove cylinder head. 6. Remove oil pan and oil strainer. See OIL PAN. Remove accessory drive belts. Remove A/C compressor idler pulley (if equipped). Remove crankshaft pulley. Remove front cover. Remove chain tensioner, tensioner arm and chain guides. Remove inner (lower) timing chain and idler sprocket. Remove oil pump drive spacer and crankshaft sprocket. Inspection 1. Inspect chain roller links. Replace chain if roller links are cracked or worn. Inspect cylinder head and cylinder block mating surfaces for warpage. If warpage exceeds specification, machine cylinder head. See CYLINDER HEAD under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. 2. If machining reduces cylinder head height to less than specification, replace cylinder head. After machining, rotate camshaft by hand. Replace cylinder head if camshaft does not rotate freely. Installation

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