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Honda Gold Wing GL1200 Repair Manual 1984-1987


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covers Honda GL1200 Goldwing carbureted models, 1182cc, 1984 to 1987.
Book Summary
Complete coverage for your Honda Gold Wing 1200 covering 1200cc models for (1984 thru 1987) (Does not include fuel-injected models):
–Routine Maintenance
–Tune-up procedures
–Engine, clutch and transmission repair
–Cooling system
–Fuel and exhaust
–Emissions control
–Ignition and electrical systems
–Brakes, wheels and tires
–Steering, suspension and final drive
–Frame and bodywork
–Wiring diagrams

2009 F-150 Workshop Manual Exterior Mirrors Exploded View


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REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Exterior Mirrors — Exploded View Printable View (364 KB) Aero-Style Mirror
NOTE: LH exterior mirror shown, RH exterior mirror similar. 14631 Exterior mirror electrical connector W705760 Exterior mirror nut (3 required) 17K707 Exterior mirror glass — Dampener springs (part of 17K707) Exterior mirror motor screw (3 required) (part of 17D696)
17D696 Exterior mirror motor — Exterior mirror lower cover screw (3 required) (part of 17682 RH/ 17683 LH) — Exterior mirror lower cover (part of 17682 RH/ 17683 LH) 17D742 RH/ 17D743 LH Exterior mirror upper 17682 RH/ 17683 Exterior mirror

1993 Volkswagen Passat Power Mirrors REMOVAL & INSTALLATION


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TROUBLE SHOOTING Left Or Right Power Mirror Inoperative Check power mirror switch, power mirror motor(s), wiring, ground connection(s) and fuse(s). Use operator’s manual to identify fuse(s). REMOVAL & INSTALLATION MIRROR GLASS WARNING: Press only on center of glass. Always wear protective gloves while handling mirror glass (in case of accidental breakage). Mirror glass is only clipped in place. Removal & Installation Tape upper and lower edges of mirror housing. See Fig. 2 & 3. Remove mirror glass using knife blade Pry Bar (VW-80-200). Pry off at bottom and then top. While holding mirror, unplug electrical connector, and remove mirror glass. To install, connect electrical connector. Put mirror pins in notches, and press mirror into place. See Fig. 2 & 3. Check mirror for proper function.

2004 Porsche Cayenne S Removing and Installing Main Headlight


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Removing Main Headlight WARNING: Risk of destruction of electrical and electronic components: Before removing the headlights, take out the ignition key and switch off the lights. Risk of damage to the headlights due to: Abrasion and excessive temperatures. Headlights must not be covered when they are switched on, e.g. wing protection or film. NOTE: The description refers to the left headlight.Press down the cover “1″ in the engine compartment and remove it. 2. Slide a socket wrench “5″ on the release arm and release it in the direction of arrow “A”. 3. The headlight is now unlocked and can be pulled forward out of the wing. NOTE: If the Bi-Xenon main headlight is replaced, the control unit must be installed for the gas discharge from the old to the new main headlights. Installing Main Headlights NOTE: Do not attach any covers (e.g. stone shields or films) in the area of the headlights. Switch ignition off and remove ignition key. The description refers to the left headlight. “2″ Cover. “3″ Headlight release. “4″ Fender. 1. Insert the headlight into the guide rails and push it fully into the fender. 2. Press the headlight towards the rear and, at the same time, turn the socket wrench “5″ “arrow B”. The headlight locking mechanism must lock in audibly and noticeably. 3. Check that the headlights fit properly, e.g., by pulling gently in the area of the auxiliary high beam headlight.



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INSTALLATION 1. Open the tailgate. Remove the spare tire cover by holding the two handles and pulling the cover. 2. Place the spare tire in the panel recess. Insert the wing bolt through the spacer cone and the center of the spare tire. Thread the wing bolt into the body and tighten it securely. 3. Reinstall the spare tire cover. 4. Press the two tabs and remove the jack cover. 5. Install the spare tire bracket and vinyl storage bag behind the jack. (If the vehicle is already equipped with the spare tire bracket, discard the bracket from the kit).