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1994-2002 PEUGEOT Boxer SRS warning lamp


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To prevent damage, ensure steering wfieel and spiral cable DO NOT rotate before or during reassembly. SRS warning lamp Airbag Operation • Switch ignition ON. a SRS warning lamp illuminates. D Lamp extinguishes after approximately 6 seconds. • If not: Refer to Self-diagnosis section. D SRS control module fault memory can only be checked using diagnostic equipment connected to the data link connector (DLC). Disarm the system /0\ ^ ^ ^ J ^ ^ ^ / When Fascia/instrument panel removal or replacement. Front seat belt removal or replacement. Front seat repair or replacement. Repair wor1< around SRS components, especially airbag and pretensioners. • SRS component removal or replacement. D Steering wheel/column repair or replacement. • Welding operations. • • • o How n Ensure ignition switched OFF. o Remove ignition key. • Disconnect battery earth lead. Make sure accidental reconnection is not possible. • Wait 10 minutes tiefore commencing work. Arm the system : ^ How n Ensure ignition switched OFF. D Reconnect battery earth lead. D Keep clear of deployment area. D Switcti ignition ON. • Check SRS warning lamp operation.