2007 Honda Accord L4 2-Door Center Pocket Lid Does Not Open or Close Properly


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SYMPTOM The center pocket lid rubs, does not open, or opens but does not stay closed. PROBABLE CAUSE The center pocket is misaligned or incorrectly assembled. DIAGNOSIS Try to open and close the center pocket lid. • If the lid rubs against the dashboard, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE A: CENTER POCKET REALIGNMENT. • If the lid does not open, or it opens but does not stay closed, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE B: CENTER POCKET SCREW TIGHTENING/CENTER POCKET REPLACEMENT. REPAIR PROCEDURE A: CENTER POCKET REALIGNMENT 1. Remove the center pocket assembly: • Refer to page 20-132 of the 2003–2007 Accord Service Manual, or • Online, enter keyword POCKET, and select Dashboard Center Pocket Removal/ Installation from the list. 2. Using a round file, elongate the right mounting screw hole as shown. NOTE: Do not use a file larger than 4.0 mm, and do not elongate the hole more than 4.0 mm. 3. Reinstall the center pocket assembly, but don’t tighten the mounting screws yet.