2003 Ford Crown Victoria Fender Removal Installation


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NOTE: The LH fender is shown, the RH fender is similar. 1. NOTE: The pin-type retainers are a one-time use item, and new pin-type retainers must be installed after removal. If equipped with an engine compartment lamp, remove the pin-type retainers and position the hood insulation aside. 2. If equipped, release the wiring harness locators and disconnect the engine compartment lamp electrical connector. 3. NOTE: Two technicians needed to carry out this step. NOTE: Support the hood with a suitable hood support. Remove the hood. Mark the hinge locations and remove the hood hinge bolts. 4. Remove the front bumper cover. For additional information, refer to Section 501-19. 5. Remove the fender splash shield. For additional information, refer to Fender Splash Shield—LH or Fender Splash Shield—RH in this section. 6. Release the wiring harness and the hood latch release cable locators. 7. Remove the ground wire bolt. 8. Remove the pin-type retainer and position the rocker panel moulding aside. 9. Remove the fender rear bolts. 10. Remove the fender rear bolts. 11. Remove the fender upper bolts. 12. Remove the fender bolts. 13. Remove the fender brace bolt. 14. Remove the fender to radiator support bolts. 15. Remove the radiator grille opening panel bolt. 16. Remove the fender bolts. 17. Remove the radiator grille opening panel bolt. 18. NOTE: On the RH fender, an assistant is needed to support the fender when removing this bolt. Remove the fender rear bolt and the fender. Installation 1. Position the fender. 2. Install the fender rear bolts.