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1. Loosen the strut tower nuts by at least five turns. See Fig. 4 . Loosen the wheel hub retaining nut. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheel, brake caliper and rotor. Remove ABS wheel speed sensor (if equipped). Remove tie rod end cotter pin and nut. Using Tie Rod End Separator (211-001), remove tie rod end. See Fig. 13 . 2. Remove lower control arm nut and pinch bolt. See Fig. 15 . Separate lower control arm from steering knuckle. Remove wheel hub retaining nut. Using a suitable puller, separate wheel hub from halfshaft. See Fig. 6 . Remove strut assembly-to-steering knuckle bolt. See Fig. 3 . Remove steering knuckle. Disassembly & Reassembly 1. Using Bearing Pulling Attachment (205-D064), press wheel hub from wheel knuckle. See Fig. 7 . Remove retainer ring from wheel knuckle. See Fig. 8 . Using a suitable drift, remove front wheel bearing from wheel knuckle. See Fig. 9 . CAUTION: Avoid any impact on the wheel speed sensor ring. Make sure the wheel speed sensor ring is clean. Avoid any contact between the wheel speed sensor ring and a magnetic surface. Make sure the wheel bearing is installed into the wheel knuckle with the wheel speed sensor ring, colored black, at the wheel speed sensor end of the wheel knuckle. 2. To reassemble, reverse disassembly procedure.