1999 Ford Taurus LX FLEX FUEL (FF) SENSOR Self-Diagnostics


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TEST DE: FLEX FUEL (FF) SENSOR NOTE: After each service or repair procedure has been completed, reconnect all components. Clear DTCs and repeat QUICK TEST procedures to ensure all EEC- V systems are working properly and DTCs are no longer present. Diagnostic Aids Perform this test only when directed by QUICK TEST. This system test is intended to diagnose the following components and circuits: Flex Fuel (FF) sensor. Wiring harness circuits (FFS SIG, VPWR and PWR GND). Powertrain Control Module (PCM). NOTE: Type of fuel vehicle uses can be identified by checking calibration sticker on left door jam. See FUEL TYPE IDENTIFICATION table. Fuel type can also be identified by checking label on fuel filler door. 1) DTC P0176: Check FF Sensor VPWR Circuit This DTC indicates failure in the FF sensor and/or circuit. Possible causes for this fault are: Faulty FF sensor. Open or shorted wiring harness circuits. Fuel separation or contamination. Faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Turn ignition off. Disconnect FF sensor connector. Turn ignition on. Measure voltage between negative battery terminal and VPWR terminal at FF sensor wiring harness connector. See Fig. 71 . If voltage is more than 10.5 volts, go to next step. If voltage is 10.5 volts or less, repair VPWR circuit.