2011 Ford Fiesta Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter Installation Instructions


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Removal of Factory Shifter Start by parking the car on level ground and placing chocks in front and behind one of the car’s rear wheels to prevent the car from rolling. Place the car in neutral with the parking brake disengaged. From inside the car, remove the shifter knob, boot, and trim panel around the shifter. Gently pull up on the outside of the trim, the clips will come undone one by one. Once the panel is unclipped, unscrew the knob, with boot and trim panel attached, from the lever and remove the assembly as one piece. Figure 1 indicates where to begin unclipping the panel. Next remove the trim piece, in front of the parking brake lever and cupholders, by gently pulling up on it to release the clips holding it in place. Then disconnect the three electrical connectors connected to it. Figure 2 indicates the panel to remove and see figure 3 for the connectors to disconnect. Also pull the parking brake lever boot over the lever to gain more access to the center console by gently pinching the base of the boot trim to release the clips. Now remove the two kick panels on the sides of the center console to gain more access to the shifter assembly. Remove the two exposed Phillips head plastic clip screws and clips, then gently pull outward on the rear of the panels to remove the three additional spring clips on each panel. See Figure 4. With the panels removed, unscrew the two Torx head screws securing the center console to the dash assembly. Then slide the front seats forward, as far as they will go, to remove the clips securing the center console in the rear. See Figures 5 and 6. Now, gently, lift up on the center console and slide it back an inch or so. To extract the shifter assembly, remove the four 10mm head nuts on the corners of the shifter base and disconnect the shift cables. The rear studs can be seen in figure 7. The front nuts were exposed after removing the kick panels. To remove the shift cables, use a screwdriver, or similar tool, to gently pop the levers off the ball studs on the shifter levers. See figure 8. Now lift up the shifter assembly and slide it back a bit. Using a screwdriver, or similar tool, GENTLY pry out the shift cables from the shifter base (see figure 9). Now turn the shifter assembly 90 degrees and remove the complete assembly from the car out through the space you made between the center console and dash. Note: The shifter base is made from plastic and will crack or break if not gently pryed on. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Installation of the Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter Assembly To install the shifter assembly follow steps 1-7 in reverse. Note: Before you have completely finished assembling the car be sure to check operation of the shifter by rowing the lever through all the gears to ensure function is correct. 8.