2000 Mazda MPV ES General Cooling System Service


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DESCRIPTION The liquid cooling system consists of a radiator, water pump, thermostat, electric or belt-driven cooling fan,
pressure cap, heater, and various connecting hoses and cooling passages in the engine block and cylinder head. MAINTENANCE
DRAINING Remove radiator cap and open heater control valve to maximum heat position. Open drain cocks or remove plugs in bottom of radiator and engine block. In-line engines usually have one plug or drain cock, while “V” type engines have 2, one in each bank of cylinders. FLUSHING CAUTION: Some manufacturers use an aluminum and plastic radiator. Flushing solution must be compatible with aluminum. Radiator Connect flushing gun to water outlet of radiator. Disconnect water inlet hose. To prevent flooding engine, use a hose connected to radiator inlet. Use air in short bursts to prevent damage to radiator. Continue flushing until water runs clear.