2005 Mazda Tribute Tires/Wheels – Body Vibration/Steering Wheel Shimmy


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If a vehicle has body vibration or steering wheel shimmy while driving, and the root cause is determined to be tire balance, re-balance the tires using a Hunter GSP 9700/9712 balance machine. When using the Hunter GSP 9700/9712, be sure to use the following centering cones and cone/wheel set up listed below. Using the appropriate centering cone ensures that the wheel will be properly centered to the centering cone. To find the location of a GSP 9700/9712 near your dealer, visit Hunter’s web site at www.gsp9700.com and click on “Find a GSP9700 Near You”. REPAIR PROCEDURE 1. Select the appropriate centering cone and use the following setup: ^ 4-stud wheels – use Hunter Cone # )51 ^ 5-stud wheels – use Mazda Required Tool SST # )192-148-2 NOTE : Wheel balance cones have an ID (inside diameter) of 40 mm which will fit most tire balancers.